Who Is Gary Spivey And Him Uncanny Ability To Predict Future Catastrophic Events

Gary Spivey has uncanny ability to predict future catastrophic events, he is well known for his genuine down home style and jovial personality. He lectures, teaches and councils people worldwide. Gary was born and raised in the small town of Biscoe, North Carolina. When he was a child, he began to demonstrate psychic abilities. As Gary got a little older, his passion turned to music and played bass guitar for a popular local band touring from North Carolina to Florida. But he give up to be a musician, went into sales. The crazy white hair and clothes, all people would always remember him.

In his mid-twenties Gary met another psychic named Ruth Rogers. She had a radio show in Tampa, Florida, she invited Gary to be a guest on her show. Then Gary became a guest psychic on many radio shows across America. When he was thirties, he has become one of the most sought after spiritual advisors in the world.

Gary Spivey’s Enlightenment Series – Meditation CD’s
Gary Spivey’s Enlightenment Series Volume 1
“Spiritual Gifts”
“A Meditation a day…keeps the dark energy away”
This is the first CD in Gary’s amazing Enlightenment Series.

Gary Spivey’s Enlightenment Series Volume 2
“Depression…is in your Head”
How to get rid of Depression

Gary Spivey’s Enlightenment Series Volume 3
“The Gift of One”

You can listen his podcast on his personal site

He has wroten a book “Your Keys to HeavenYou will see the world through different eyes and understand a reality that has always been there but you never knew existed! Your Keys to Heaven will show you a world around you where angels exist and can help you in many ways, as well as teaches you how to spiritually heal yourself from illness and disease.

Photo credit: Gary Spivey