A Summary ‘Food is your best Medicine’ by Henry G. Bieler, M.D.

Dr.Henry G. Bieler’s book ‘Food is your best Medicine’ is a collection of wisdom that almost reads itself. Published in 1965 it is still a very important book written on the subject of nutrition based upon 50 years of personal experience. In his book Dr. Bieler shares his knowledge and the highlights of his career. He reveals how properly chosen food had the most positive influence to a patient’s healing. He claims that the primary cause of disease is not germs but rather “toxemia” from improper foods, lifestyle and stress. This statement was very bold at that time. Dr. Bieler made it clear “that in almost all cases the use of drugs in treating patients is harmful”.

Henry G.Bieler believed that hormones determine the physical and neurological types of individuals, and many mysterious body conditions were caused by endocrine imbalance. He developed an endocrine typing system based on the glandular balance of three glands: adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary. He noted that most people are a combination of the three basic classic gland types, but one type is dominant, which is “the key to our physical and mental profiles”. According to his typing the pituitary type would always be deficient in either thyroid or adrenal hormones, and the thyroid type would have less pituitary and adrenal hormones than needed for healthy hormone balance. With wrong food choices and wrong food stimulants such as meat, coffee, tea, salt, alcohol, and narcotics people with deficient adrenals are usually depressed or are in a suicidal state.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Bieler’s book which shows his view on the ideal way to approach health problems: “The patient I am treating must be exhaustively studied, his condition recognized. If possible, he must be relieved of his symptoms and cured. That is why this book must remain general. It is not a recipe for getting well. All formulas, diets, instructions must be general. Medicine can never be practiced from a book but only from a careful study of the patient, laboratory tests, and so on. After I have studied and talked with the patient and made the tests, I determine whether or not his body is toxic. If it is, I prescribe a special diet to cleanse the system; then a building-up of the patient is in order and this can be accomplished in many different ways, depending on his physical condition and the nature of his toxemia. To cure him I must study him as an individual, note his resistance to various factors, understand the life he leads today and the life he led in the past. He is an individual and his treatment must therefore be unique. I cannot try, as a clothing salesman might, to fit a stock-size coat to individuals of different shapes.”

Dr. Bieler advocates eating raw foods as much as possible as he thinks that they supply all the vitamins and salts necessary and can be digested in raw state most easily. The most easily digestible proteins are rare beef, lamb, lightly cooked or raw egg yolks and fresh unpasteurized milk. Dr. Bieler has stressed a few times that proteins are stimulants and if consumed too much can cause problems in your liver, intestinal tissue or kidneys. He thinks that butter is the best choice among fats. His favourite starches are steamed potato, then cereal starches followed by raw cane sugar, natural sugars and fruits. He thought that fibre was very important as well and he mentioned that leaves, stalks, stems and solid parts of fruits and vegetables are very useful. His simple remedies such as the infamous “Bieler’s Soup” is made of zucchini, string beans and parsley to reinstate the bodies alkaline state after years of acidifying the body with improper foods.

Finally, this is Dr. Bieler’s own conclusion: “… much investigation remains to be done in the broad relation between diet and the occurrence of disease. Much investigation also remains to be done concerning human nutritional needs. At present we do not fully understand those needs. But we do know that the preferred source of nutrition is food, as fresh and natural as can be obtained, not dead products standing on drug-store shelves.”