“From the Fields to the Garden” Available on Amazon Kindle Format

Stitch’s book, “From the Fields to the Garden” is now available on the Kindle format. Kindle is available on Android, iPhone and other platforms. Stitch Premium is an exciting new range of products from Jacob “Stitch” Duran.
Items include tape for wrapping hands, Qwick-Aid, KO Swells, books, dvd’s and much more. Stitch has been nominated in the category ‘MMA Personality Of The Year’ at the World MMA Awards this year (2011). – by Stitch Duran (Author)


What started off as a fun dinner in Brazil with Mario Yamazaki and Bad Boy CEO, Robin Offner has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Who would have thought that after verbally sparring with Robin about my vision of STITCH PREMIUM TAPE that months later I would be teaming up with Bad Boy to distribute my product on a world wide basis.
I started to understand just how solid the Bad Boy Team is. Seeing Robin and his team accept the “Life style brand” award at the Fighters Only MMA Award event, sealed every thought I had about teaming up with them. They are a first class operation.
My wife Charlotte and I drove to San Diego to have our first meeting with Robin and the Bad Boy Team. We where pleasantly surprised to see the hospitality we received on our arrival. We also saw a powerful presentation, that showed the potential of how Stitch Premium and Bad Boy can work together.
The ultimate goal of the Bad Boy Team and Stitch Premium is to offer the trainers, fighters and fans an educated look at what the sports of MMA and boxing are about. New ideas and tools of how to better take care of the fighters will be available.
Over the years I have always tried to pass knowledge on to anyone who asked me questions about how to wrap hands or work on cuts. Some fighters like Josh Barnett, Cole Miller and Jeremy Horn have learned how to wrap hands and have become recognized as some of the best in the sport in wrapping hands.
My goal is to continue to educate world wide. Trainers, fighters and fans always ask me if I am ever going to do seminars. Now that I have teamed up with Bad Boy, I can honestly say, “yes”! We are both committed to improve these sports and will be conducting seminars in the near future.
The new image and campaign, “I’m Possible” that the Bad Boy Team showed Charlotte and me, is promoting an idea we can all live by. The never give up attitude!
I find the Bad Boy slogan is also hitting close to home. My message and motivation to myself and others has the same meaning, just different words. I always tell people to, “follow your dreams…they do come true”. Having worked with thousands of fighters from every part of the world, I know that they also have the same goals. To be the best!
Thank you Robin Offner and the Bad Boy Team for believing in me and having the same vision as myself and the Stitch Premium Team. Together we can “Follow our Dreams” and know that, “I’m Possible”.