Words Are Heard By Ears, But Held By Hearts

I’ve been thinking a lot about words.

Words are heard by ears, but held by hearts. They have the ability to change a person.
“You’re fat.”
“You’re ugly.”
“You can’t.”
“You’re dumb.”
“What good are you?”
Given time to marinate, they become less what someone once said to us and more our internal dialogue about ourselves. They root deeply and suck the water from our proverbial leaves. They are weeds. We whither and die by these words. Our future is bleak, our hope is crushed under the weight of these words.
Then someone comes in and says
“You’re beautiful.”
“You’re smart.”
“Keep at it!”
“You are loved.”
“You can!”
If you’ve defined yourself by the weed words, it’s a struggle to accept these life-affirming words.
They are lying.
They are just trying to be nice.
They obviously don’t know me.
More weed words. Those weeds plant seeds with the smallest gust. They change your thoughts, not only about yourself, but they’ve planted themselves in your thoughts about other people.
In the garden, you can’t just wish weeds away. If left alone, they grow. They plant more weed seeds. They have the potential to crowd out the beauty.
It takes work to get them out. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes the right tools. It takes constant vigilance because there are more weeds waiting in your neighbors yard to blow your way.
But there’s hope. Many of you have access to the freshest soil. The weed-seedless soil, ready for sowing. Soil so rich, it’s begging to be planted in. It’s constantly seeking you and your attention to plant something beautiful.
Our children.
Are you regularly planting flowers or weeds?
I challenge you to take note of how many flowers you plant in your children in a day. How much life do you speak into them?
Today, let your flowers outnumber your weeds.