7 Ways To Build A Fire Without A Match

Knowing how to build a fire is a skill you must have if you are a serious outdoorsman or survivalist. Knowing how to build a fire using multiple ways only increases your odds at being successful at it.

Nature tends to not be the most hospitable of hosts, and conditions will not always be ideal to build a fire.  Add to that the fact that your lighter may be out of fuel or that you don’t have your standard go-to method of starting a fire (such as matches or a striker) and you’re looking at the start of a very rough situation.

Without fire you will have little means of staying warm at night (depending on your location), cook food, boil water, or ward off dangerous animals.  Therefore, it is essential that you know more than 1 way of starting a fire.

Here are 7 effective ways of doing this, some friction-based and some spark-based, with an article from Field & Stream explaining how:

  • hand drill
  • 2-man friction drill
  • fire plough
  • pump fire drill
  • bow drill
  • flint and steel
  • rock striker