Civilian Self-Defense Weapons TASER Electronic Defender

When it comes to self-defense, you will want to have the edge over your attacker.  If they are wielding a 7″ knife, then you’d probably want a handgun… but lethal force is not always, and usually, not necessary.  Many times you will only need to incapacitate your attacker in order to detain him/her or make your escape.

If you feel as though someone is about to attack you and you pull out the well-known Taser, chances are you will deter the attack… and if not, you will be able to physically stop the attacker with 50,000 volts.

Taser’s electronic control device is a compact and lightweight “best friend” that resembles a flashlight.  It even has a LED light and laser sight built-in to allow you to utilize it in low-light situations.

A single 6V lithium power magazine will keep you going for fifty 30-second charges.  A battery life indicator in the form of a small LED will alert you to the device’s status: green = charged, yellow = half or marginal charge, and red = low or insufficient power.

Compressed nitrogen gas launches two probes out towards the target, followed by 7 watts of electricity flowing through the 15′ of wire for up to 30 seconds for each trigger press.  Even if the probes don’t actually puncture the attacker’s skin (which they easily can), it will function just as well, working through even 1″ of clothing per probe.

The electricity from the Taser C2 mimics the body’s nervous system, interfering with the communication between the brain and muscles, contracting all muscles until the pulse stops.  I think most of us have seen people being “Tased” on YouTube, but here’s one of my favorite (and with the C2!) (skip to 0:55 if you want).

Other than poor-planning on where they were Tasing him, this was an excellent example of how even (and especially) muscular individuals are instantly taken out with a single shot (and look how long he’s down for, plenty of time to run).

Check out this video review.

They also have other models as this picture show, you can visit it on their site