How To DIY A Small Altoids Survival Kit

The “curiously strong mints” that most of us know of since we were kids have their own place in the prepper community. A very popular practice is to use the small metal tin that the mints come in as a compact survival kit.

While an Altoids tin cannot hold everything you’d want in a survival kit, it allows you to keep a few key items in a very compact package. It is also a very cheap alternative to those pricey survival kits and can be a fun DIY project. Check out what you can put in these small tins.

Especially useful for hikers and campers, the Altoids survial kit can fit a surprising amount of helpful items. You can fit all of these items in a single Altoids tin:

small knife (such as a CRKT Mk5)
small flashlight (such as a Streamlight Nano)
a few water purification tablets
signaling mirror
waterproof/strike-anywhere matches
mini Bic lighter
a few strips of duct tape
razor blade
a couple cotton balls
dental floss
fishing hooks
fishing line
fishing sinkers
a couple small fishing lures
Krazy Glue
P-38 can opener
Now you can customize your own Altoids survival kit to your specific needs. The list above are of general items that cover multiple needs (first aid, fishing, navigation, etc.).
Since Altoids tins are small, you can easily create a few survival kits and pack them easily. If you want more than 1 kit, you should consider creating a few that serve specific purposes. This allows you to pack more items for that purpose. For example, creating a dedicated Altoids fishing survival kit would let you hold more hooks, more fishing line, more weights, more lures, and other items like small fishing pliers. You could have another Altoids tins for first aid (with more bandaids, stitching, gauze, etc.) and another more geared towards water purification or fire starting.

If your family is like-minded, have them create a couple of these survival kits and each of you will have these small but extremely useful items right in your pocket or backpack.