3 Ways To Keep A Fire Burning

Fire serves multiple purposes in camping and survival situations.  It can:

  • be a source of light at night
  • bring warmth
  • be used to cook with
  • be used to boil and purify water
  • ward off predators
  • help you get noticed/rescued
  • raise self-confidence

The ability to build a fire will increase your chances in the wild, but knowing how to sustain that fire is another matter.  If you use the wrong wood or an insufficient, or even excessive, amount of it you will be finding yourself building that fire from scratch time and time again.  Learn how to keep your fire alive, and it will help you do the same.

Field & Stream had a short article in their issue listing 3 ways to ensure that your fire doesn’t burn out.

The author, T. Edward Nickens, lists the following 3 materials as easy means to accomplish this:

  • paper plate
  • air-mattress pump
  • surgical tubing attack