How To Make A Spirit Board (aka Ouija)

You can make your own spirit board like the Ouija board used in the Parker Brothers’ board game. It’s easy and very simple. There are a few basics to include and the rest is only limited by your imagination.

All boards should have five basic elements

  • The alphabet (preferably in a circle on the board)
  • The numbers 0-9 (1…..9,0)
  • The words “yes” and “no”
  • The words “hello” and “goodbye”
  • Blank space near the edges of the board (for planchette/indicator to have room to move)

Optional on spirit board designs

  • Phrases
    “This is not the time for you to know”
    “Check back another day”
    “Put the board away, you don’t know what you are doing”
    “I told you don’t call me Ouija, you should go now”
  • Design themes
  • Astrological signs
  • Random decoration

When design is completed

  • Glue to a board and protect design with a spray on or brush on coating
  • Put on paper and laminate to protect design
  • Put under glass
  • Finished product should have a smooth, slightly slippery surface


  • Purchase one
  • Use from a Ouija board game
  • Upside down glass


  • If the board is not made in Salem by witches at the exact stroke of midnight on the 13th of the month while standing in the center of a star, it will have no power to communicate with the spirits.
  • Making the board on Halloween’s eve will double the number of spirits you will be able to contact.
  • Using the homemade spirit board will increase your chances of becoming a born again Christian.
  • My designs here have extra special powers that will double your chances of becoming a born again Christian!

OK……seriously…… These are just directions to make a spirit board to be used as decoration or to create artwork. Don’t be among the millions of idiots that the spirit board has been attracting since 500 BC. Be informed and check out the history of the spirit board, which is currently commonly known by the name of Ouija board, before you decide it you really want to use a spirit board.

Spirit Board (aka Ouija board).

The copyrighted name, Ouija board is better known than the generic name, spirit board. The board that is believed to be able to provide a medium for contacting spirits, has many names including spirit board, but please don’t call it a Ouija board, since Ouija is the trademark owned by Parker Brothers. The directions for making your own spirit board are simple. Directions for contacting spirits are complicated and can be dangerous, it’s important to educate yourself. I agree with Christians and para-normal experts that spirit boards can be dangerous. The history of the spirit board and the Ouija trademark are laced with evil and greed at its roots. Keep that in mind at all times.

I am a creative person and played around with some designs based on spirit boards. I designed them with various themes. I must warn you that if you use my designs for a spirit board, you will become a born again Christian! You decide if it’s worth the risk. These designs are just a form of art, use your brain and don’t think there is anything more to it than that (unless you want to take the chance and believe these designs have special powers and will turn you into a born again Christian).

There is a design for most areas of interest that you can print out or be creative just make your own design.