Best 23/24/27 Inch Touchscreen Monitors

As the development of Touch screen technologies,we now can see many kinds of touchscreen monitors in our market.But the quality of their touchscreens is quite different,as well as the usage of them. How do you know the quality of a touchscreen monitor and how do you make a decision to get the Best 23/24/27 Inch Touchscreen Monitors?You know that touchscreen monitors have bring convenience to many people lives but you perhaps don’t know the what kind of monitor will be more suitable to you.

This article is written to solve these problems. What you should do is following its advices and you will find it easy to get your favorite touchscreen monitor.

 Best 23/24/27 Inch Touchscreen Monitors

I am sure our comparison chart can convince you that the monitors we advise is the best monitors.,I would like you to review this chart every day so that you won’t miss the upgrading information of it.

Things you should consider when choosing touchscreenmonitors

High Definition Display

The touchscreens of good touchscreen monitors are usually designed with “HD” technology or high definition.High difinition touchscreens come with a much higher definition than typicallyand standard refers to resolution with 570 horizontal lines or more.Besides,high definition touchscreens can provide you with more realistic images that are particularly desirable and peferred.


If you purchase a touchscreen monitor for your vehicle,you should consider where you would like to install your touchscreen monitot within your vehicle.For navigation purposes,a monitor with a in-dash touchscreen will be better.For video playback or other usage,you’d better to choose a a headrest touchscreen monitor.

Considering desired features

When you choose your touchscreen monitor,there are also large amount of desired features you should consider,such as navigation,video,music,bluetooth and so on.Determining what featuresyou are looking for can help you narrow the range of selection.

Top 3 Best 23/24/27 Inch Touchscreen Monitors under $600

#1 Best 27 Inch Touchscreen Monitors:Acer T272HL bmjjz 27-Inch (1920 x 1080) Touch Screen Widescreen Monitor under $600

This product features an fun and intuitive LCD witch allows you to make full use of navigate web pages and Windows 8 touch features.This touchscreen monitor is designed with Full HD resolution, rapid 5ms response time and incredible 100 Million :1 contrast ratio.Moreover,this product comes with edge-to-edge screen that can create a amazing ploating design.


  • Connect to your devices via HDMI or DVI ports

This feature allow you to enjoy wonderful 1080p entertainment at your home

  • 10-point multi-touch technology

This marvelous technology on sleek edge-to-edge glass gives you a totally different touch feeling

  • DVI,VGA& HDMI (MHL) inputs

you are able to extend the enjoyment from the tablet or smartphone on Full HD display.

Why you should buy:

This touchscreen monitor is good at offering you a very sensitive touch feeling.Its beautiful design looks amazing in your room or even hanging on your wall.

Customer review

This touchscreen monitor not only looks nice but also can protect my eyesight.My eyesight is becoming worse and this monitor gives me a different visual experience.Besides,its price is totally within my budget.I absolutely love it!

#2 Best 23 Inch Touchscreen Monitors: Acer T232HL bmidz 23-Inch Touch Screen LCD Display under $300

This product comes with flexible tilt from 30-80 degrees that allow you to interact with your monitor from different angles.This item is able to provide you with the best viewing experience.

Customer review

With this item,I am able to experience the full effect of Windows 8 system.The style of its design fits nicely in my room and the size is right.I also like the speaker on the back that can give out good music sound.

#3 Best 24 Inch Touchscreen Monitors:Planar PXL2430MW 24″ Widescreen Multi-Touch LED Monitor under $300

This monitor is totally designed for Windows 7 and doesn’t need drivers for touch screen operation.It is eqiupped with energy-saving mercury and compatible with mounting options

Picture quality

The picture quality is quite amazing. Deep blacks and good contrast. The colors are vibrant and punched up out of the box.

Design and form factor

I would have liked the bezel to be flush with the screen itself for smoother function of the touchscreen. For example accessing the charms bar on Windows 8.


This has every input you need for a good quality video hookup.

Customer review

This item works perfectly and is able to run smoothly for a long time.It’s truly a excellent value for its price.What’s more,it is easy to easy and flexible to control.I think it is a good selection for every office worker.

Overall I am really pleased with this monitor. The picture quality and vibrant colors are excellent. I consider this monitor an excellent buy. The form factor could have been better, especially the bezel. Still this monitor works well with Windows 8. Video images are smooth and clear. The touchscreen is highly reponsive. You could easily use the on screen keyboard in Windows 7 and get rid of your hardware mouse and keyboard. I can’t bring myself to do that just yet though. Keep a micro fiber cloth handy though, finger prints are an issue with this nice screen.

 My recommendations:

As the touch screen technology continues to advance, touchscreen monitors is gaining more and more popularity among more and more people and even more and more touchscreen monitors appeared in vevehicle.These products in this article are absolutely nice selections if you are in need of a touchscreen monitor.