Top investments: Isabel Marant

When it comes to shopping, I like to make sure that my purchases aren’t based purely on emotion. I do have to be excited by the item(s), but that alone isn’t always enough, especially when the price is above a certain number… So, I often find myself asking the following questions before making an investment:

1- “Do I already have something like this in my closet?”

2- “Is this piece truly special, unique, or different enough to make it worth while?”

3- “Do I have other items in my closet that will go with this or will I then have to buy other items as well? (it’s okay if you have to buy other items to go with it, but you should be aware of this upfront.)

4- “Can I think of at least two different occasions I can wear this to, happening soon?

If the stars all align, then I pull the credit card. This season, the three tops by Isabel Marant (above) fit the bill: the black embroidered organza Vatelle blouse (Barney’s, Suggested Retail: $405), the navy pleated Rauline blouse with black trim (Barney’s, Suggested Retail: $670), & the white Allen top (Barney’s, Suggested Retail: $780). These tops are quite special, so let them be the standout of your look; keep the bottoms simple & tailored. Each one of these would be a good investment, & if you want a diverse portfolio (ahem, closet) you have my blessing to purchase all three!