What is The Comfort Furnace™ Quartz Infrared Heater


Superior heating technology marries perfectly with an all-natural oak wood veneer exterior case. The finest materials like a galvanized chamber, copper tubing heat exchangers and commercial quartz infrared elements compliment features like quiet long-running fans, commercial-grade thermostats and permanent electrostatic air intake filters. Soon an entirely new way to heat your home is born. And with full-swivel casters it’s never been easier to place the unit wherever you see fit.

The Comfort Furnace™ quartz infrared heater reduces energy consumption by 35% to 50%. The Comfort Furnace™ infrared heaterMaintains Balanced Temperatures from Floor to Ceiling without the noticeable “cold pockets” common in baseboard heating systems The Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater promotes healthier, cleaner air. Comfort Furnace™ infrared heaters destroy bacteria, virus, mold, mildew and other organic organisms that cause respiratory distress, colds and flu’s. They are the perfect heating source for your home.

Gone are the days of installing plumbing to raise the temperatures indoors. Goodbye humidity-removing-drying heaters that may spew pollutants into the air. Hello elegant well-crafted solution to the age-old problem that safely, quietly and softly raises the temperature to save you from cold. Not to mention the environment from further harm. It’s a heater that makes you feel warm and smart in your decision.

The Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater provides even heat distribution. It is thermostatically controlled, and circulates and recycles heated air from floor to ceiling so that the temperature differential is minor, thus eliminating the need for a ceiling fan. As the Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater operates, you will notice that its heating ability does not depend on a high-speed flow of air. Instead, the gentle air flow allows for better air mixing inside the unit for more effective heating action.