Retired Beanie Babies List And Its Price

Below is a huge compiled list of retired beanie babies and their prices.

Search (ctrl-f) and check if your beanie baby is on the list if it is, youll be able to see how much it is worth! Some are quite valuable, so if you have one and you are looking to sell it, make sure you get your moneys worth 🙂

The list also includes rare beanie babies.

Beanie Baby Price
1997 Teddy $37
1998 Teddy $45
Ally the alligator $32
Ants the anteater $11
Baldy the eagle $16
Bernie the St. Bernard $11
Bessie the brown and white cow $55
Blackie the bear $14
Blizzard the tiger $17
Bones the dog $13
Bongo the monkey $18
Bongo the monkey with brown tail and red tush tag with no name $80
Bongo the monkey with tan tail and red tush tag with no name $65
Bronty the brontosaurus $1200
Brownie the brown bear $4000
Bruno the terrier $12
Bubbles the black and yellow fish $140
Bucky the beaver $27
Bumble the bee $850
Caw the crow $450
Chilly the polar bear $1750
Chocolate the moose $14
Chops the lamb $130
Claude the crab $13
Congo the gorilla $15
Crunch the shark $9
Cubbie the bear $23
Curly the bear $18
Coral the tie-dyed fish $190
Daisy the cow $9
Derby the fine mane horse $450
Derby the horse with no spot on head $21
Digger the orange crab $525
Digger the red crab $125
Doby the doberman $15
Doodle the rooster $30
Dotty the dalmation $16
Ears the rabbit $13
Echo the dolphin $15
Fetch the golden retriever $12
Flash the dolphin $95
Fleece the lamb $12
Flip the white cat $28
Floppity the rabbit $16
Flutter the butterfly $820
Freckles the leopard $14
Garcia the tye-dyed bear $175
Glory the bear $27
Goldie the goldfish $35
Gracie the swan $11
Grunt the razorback pig $275
Happy the hippo $17
Happy the gray hippo $465
Hippity the rabbit $16
Hoot the owl $33
Hoppity the rabbit $18
Humphrey the camel $1600
Inch the worm $18
Inch the inchworm with felt antennae $105
Inky the octopus $22
Inky the tan octopus without a mouth $365
Inky the tan octopus and with a mouth $385
Jolly the walrus $13
Kiwi the toucan $165
Lefty the donkey with American flag $350
Legs the frog $26
Libearty the white bear with American flag $360
Lizzy the lizard $26
Lizzy the tie-dyed Lizzy $725
Lucky the ladybug $19
Lucky the ladybug with 7 felt dots $85
Lucky the ladybug with 21 small dots $310
Magic the dragon $36
Manny the manatee $140
Maple the Canadian bear with Pride tush tag $470
Mystic the fine mane unicorn $500
Mystic the unicorn with tan horn $30
Nana the monkey with tan tail $1650
Nip the cat $20
Nip the all gold cat with pink ears and no white on paws $570
Nip the gold cat with white on face and belly $280
Nuts the squirrel $13
Patti the platypus $21
Patti deep fuchsia $1200
Patti the platypus (raspberry) $1300
Patti the platypus (magenta) $1300
Peanut the elephant $16
Peanut the royal blue elephant $5200
Peking the panda bear $1600
Pinchers $15
Pinky the flamingo $15
Pumkin’ the pumpkin $22
Puffer the puffin $10
Punchers (NOT Pinchers) the red lobster $4550
Quackers the duck $20
Quackers the duck with no wings $2300
Radar the bat $170
Rex the tyrannosaurus $1100
Righty the elephant with American flag $350
Ringo the racoon $13
Roary the lion $15
Rover the dog $20
Santa $25
Scoop the pelian $13
Scottie the terrier $24
Seamore the seal $135
Seaweed the otter $25
Slither the snake $1150
Sly the fox $12
Sly the fox with brown belly $90
Snip the cat $14
Snort the bull $10
Snowball the snowman $35
Sparky the Dalmatian $135
Speedy the turtle $34
Spike the rhinoceros $13
Spinner the spider $10
Splash the whale $150
Spook the ghost $160
Spooky the ghost $33
Spot black and white dog WITHOUT the spot $1200
Spot the black and white dog WITH the spot $55
Squealer the pig $30
Steg the stegosaurus $1150
Sting the stingray $213
Stinger the scorpian $11
Stinky the skunk $13
Stripes the tiger $17
Tabasco the red bull $270
Tank the armadillo 7 line with old tag $160
Tank the armadillo 9 line new star tag with no shell $1500
Tank the armadillo with shell $70
Teddy old face-brown $1150
Teddy old face-cranberry $1250
Teddy old face-jade $1150
Teddy old face-magenta $1150
Teddy old face-teal $1250
Teddy old face-violet $1300
Teddy new face-brown $85
Teddy new face-cranberry $1550
Teddy new face-jade $1550
Teddy new face-magenta $1550
Teddy new face-teal $1750
Teddy new face-violet $1650
Trap the mouse $1070
Tuck the walrus $140
Tuffy the terrior $16
Tusk the walrus $155
Twigs the giraffe $19
Valentino the bear $23
Velvet the panther $30
Waddle the penguin $16
Waves the whale $17
Weenie the dog $20
Web the spider $1115
Wise the owl $20
Wrinkles the dog $12
Zero the penguin $20
Ziggy the zebra $13
Zip the cat $45
Zip the all black cat with pink ears and no white on paws $1050
Zip the black cat with white face and belly $250
Are any of your beanie babies on this list? Let us know!

Beanie Babies: Spot the Dog

Status: Retired
Estimated Value: With the spot ~$55, without the spot ~$12oo

Spot the Dog is one of the original 9 beanie babies. The original spot is worth a good $55, while a rare version without the spot can be valued at around a whopping $1200! Make sure you double check which one you have before you decide to sell!

Beanie Babies Guide: Legs the Frog

Status: Retired
Estimated Value: ~$30

Legs the Frog is one of the original 9 beanie babies. While not super valuable at around $30, it is a must have for true collectors!

The Yellow Ribbon support group in Palatine is asking for residents to look in their closets, attics or basements for old Beanie Babies to be sent with care packages sent to troops stationed in foreign countries. The troops hand out the stuffed toys to local children promoting goodwill and peace. Recently, the Palatine-based nonprofit organization has run out of beanie babies.

Anyone wishing to donate Beanie Babies can drop them off from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays in Room 263 of Palatine village hall, 200 E. Wood St. Donations are tax deductible.

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