The Killing of Gods, Snipe Shots in Halo And Frustrating Penny Exercises

Picture this: you are Neith, Egyptian Goddess of war, presumed mother of Ra, weaver of fate, and ruthless hunter. You, through Neith, pull the sting of your bow, steady the arrow, and aim at your target. Within seconds, the arrow flies from your hands and through the body of your opponent. You send a series of arrows flying at your attacker, one after another hitting their mark. You dodge the hearts your opponent tosses on the ground, knowing that one wrong step would cripple your health. Pink and red colored arrows cease to fly past you as your last arrow deals the deadly blow. Your opponent is dead. The lifeless body of Cupid, the Roman God of love, son of Venus, lies at your feet.

(Who could hurt this cute, little fellow? Me! No remorse.)

By now, you may have guessed that I was referring to SMITE, the battleground of the Gods. Of course, I played Neith (having found out that I am an excellent virtual archer due to Dragon Age) and my opponent, Cupid, was none other than my manager. Team builder dose two, anyone?

It’s funny how you can find out so much about the people you work with when you are divided into two teams and compete for title of “the better team.” For instance, when I am winning (in other words, when I am taking down my boss each time she respawns) I get confident. Overly so. Shy Amela is replaced by someone who is cocky in their skills and eager to trash talk. If only public speaking class had consisted of video game competitions, I would have passed with flying colors.

Between Cupid, Thor, Ra, and other magnificent Gods, I managed 13 kills as a hunter – second highest kills on my team. To be fair, half of those were Cupid (who, as I found out later, was used as bait – and poorly so). Luckily, I still have my job. Perhaps the third time around, I’ll let my manager win. No need to push my luck.

In a nutshell, we bonded – again. If there was the slightest glimpse of doubt before, then there is none now. Between the killing of Gods, snipe shots in Halo, and frustrating penny exercises (don’t ask!), we solidified our family bond. Plenty of laughter, a laid-back environment, and ability to not take yourself too seriously is a great recipe for company culture. Add a generous amount of perseverance, heaping tablespoons of trust and a dash of teamwork and you have yourself the foundations for success.