Things Are Getting Heroes of the Storm at IG

For the past couple of months, you have been diligently registering for our tournaments and trying your luck (and skills) at winning some cash. It’s been going great – this little give-and-take relationship between us. I can see us taking the next step in our relationship. Maybe meeting your parents?

We do want to spice this relationship up. We know you’re enjoying the Halo, CoD, and SMITE tournaments – we enjoy watching you play! But we’ve been thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if we switched things up a bit. You know, tried something new, something exciting.” Call it couples therapy.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the newest addition to our online tournament schedule: Heros of the Storm! And because we are in such a giving mood, we won’t make you wait till next month to start playing. Our first HotS tournament will take place next Wednesday, June 17th. As always, meet us at the same time and place as our first date: in front of your PC at 7 o’clock sharp (Eastern Daylight Time, that is).

Have your fingers started tingling with excitement? Good.Here’s to growing old together – cheers!