What’s One of Your All Time Favorite Games?

As a child, the type of game genre I played most could be labeled as “Mario” (hey, Mario is in a league of his own!). From the original Mario Bros. on the Super Nintendo, to Mario 64 and Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. There were also the occasional Mario Parties, and sometimes I’d play Dr. Mario. Oh, and let’s not forget the all time classic Mario Kart 64. Yeah, those were the days.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy those games. They will forever have a special place in my heart. However, my tastes have expanded beyond just “Mario.” Nowadays, I tend to be a RPG junkie. My current love is Dragon Age: Inquisition (I stalk Mike Laidlaw daily on Twitter for news on the story DLC). Skyrim, Oblivion, Witcher 3 – just to name a few of my other loves. Pretty sure I’ll be adding Elder Scroll’s Online to this list soon.

But the game that started this RPG craze, this excitement I get every time I delve into a story line and lose myself as the character I play, is none other than Legend of Dragoon.

The story-line captivated me. Two childhood friends (who of course had crushes on each other) are separated by war. Dart, the main protagonist, sets out to find and destroy the Black Monster that killed his parents. After five years of no success, he returns to his hometown to see it in flames. Shana, childhood friend and the girl Dart has feelings for, has been captured by the enemy. So Dart sets out to rescue her.

Along the way, Dart meets a few companions and things end up getting even messier when one of them is killed. The neat thing about the game is that each companion transforms into a Dragoon after they receive a Dragoon Spirit. These transformations make them stronger and give them some pretty awesome powers.

Three discs later, you find out that one of your companions (Rose) is actually the Black Monster that terrorized Neet and killed Dart’s parents. Her intentions were to kill the Moon Child, a vessel for the soul of the God of Destruction. And if that isn’t enough, you also find out that Shana is the Moon Child. Pretty awesome story and gameplay for a game released in 1999.

Legend of Dragoon can be credited for my love – no, obsession – of RPG. I’ve been looking forward to a remake since I first played the game. Could you imagine how amazing it would look and feel with all the capabilities we have today? A girl can only hope her wish comes true.

That’s my #GameCrushWednesday. Do we share the same taste in games? What’s one of your all time favorite games?