12 Used Military Vehicles Price: Cargo Truck Unimog APC Amphibious Tracked Vehicle

When deciding on a vehicle to keep you and your family safe during a potential bug out situation, not much ranks higher than military vehicles. They’re big, powerful, and usually well-armored.

The first image that may come to mind when thinking of a used military vehicle is the very popular “Deuce and a Half” (the M35, a 2.5-ton military truck), but what you may not know is that U.S. citizens are allowed to legally own jets, military helicopters, and even tanks.

While some of the more technologically advanced vehicles will cost a lot of money, there are some options available for under $20,000 – the price of your standard sedan. This article will cover some of the options you have at your disposal when choosing one.

The pros of owning a military vehicle include their durability, ability to run off of multiple fuel sources, many are armored or have bullet-proof windows, a lot have plenty of storage space for food/water or people, treaded vehicles can cover almost any terrain, and some are even amphibious. Owning one would put you far ahead of the regular populace, who may be running out of gasoline or not having enough space to fill with food, water, family members, and other survival gear.

Some of these vehicles can even be turned into a small home, with space enough for bunk beds as well as storage. Below are some options you can look at, as well as some websites that sell these vehicles. Some of these examples below are of specific vehicles for sale that may or may not be available by the time you read this article. Inventories can change daily. However, it will give you an idea of what’s out there and a direction you can start heading towards.

1952 XM211 GMC 6×6 Cargo Truck – $3,500

Photo credit vintagemilitarytrucks.com

This vehicle is from Vintage Military Trucks, who currently have 127 different used military vehicles under this category. Though this one would definitely need some TLC, at only $3,500 it is perfect for those who have a tight budget.

1962 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404 – $6,300

Photo credit grabawrench.com

This compact cargo truck might just be the perfect solution for anyone who wants a bug out vehicle for under the $7,000 mark. It is a 6-cylinder, affordable troop carrier. Unimogs can generally range up to $12,000 (like this one from unimogshop.com) so if you find one for cheap like this $6,300, you may just want to snag that deal while it lasts. Even at $12k, however, it is still a great deal.

1995 M923A2 BMY 5-Ton Cargo Truck – $9,000

Photo credit commercialtrucktrader.com

This $9,000 truck has a 14-foot dropside cargo body, powered by a Cummins 6CTA 8.3 6-cylinder turbo supercharged diesel engine. It has an Allison automatic transmission with a two-speed transfer case and power steering, equipped with Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). This particular vehicle has 23,640 miles on its odometer with a total of 1,034 hours of operation.

OT-64 SKOT – $9,400 – $11,000

Photo credit mortarinvestments.com

This hugely popular amphibious APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) originates from joint efforts from Poland and Czechoslovakia. This 8×8 vehicle has a top ground speed of around 58 mph and a top water speed of around 5.5 mph. It has an 8-cylinder, air-cooled diesel Tatra T-928-14 engine. Some OT-64 SKOTs could potentially be found here on milweb.net (here’s the ad from timawa.net). Some parts from the OT-64 SKOT are incompatible with American parts, so some extra money will have to be invested while refurbishing this APC.

1984 M923 AM General 6×6 Cargo Truck – $10,500

Photo credit vintagemilitarytrucks.com

Another vehicle from Vintage Military Trucks, this M923 cargo truck is a more-expensive option for those with a need for more space for survival gear when bugging out. This specific truck is listed with 4,803 miles and runs off of cummins diesel.

PTS-10 Amphibious Tracked Vehicle – $19,500+

Photo credit exarmyvehicles.com

The PTS-10 amphibious tracked vehicle has a load capacity for 10 tons in water and a navigation speed of around 6.8 mph. MortarInvestments.com have them listed, as well as ExArmyVehicles.com. This Soviet Army amphibious transporter might be a good investment for those wanting to spend around the $20k mark on an amphibious bug out vehicle. Maybe you have a small island you want to bug out to and don’t want the water-only restrictions of a boat. Being able to traverse across land as well as water is a plus.

6×6 Box Truck with Slides – $28,000 (SOLD)

Photo credit planbsupply.com

This vehicle has already been sold, but I still wanted to show you what $28k could get you. With a Cummins diesel engine and an Allison automatic 5-speed transmission, this 6×6 box truck is great for hauling a lot of equipment, food, water, and/or people. A cool feature that this truck has is that it’s rear box expands from 7×17 feet to 14×17 feet (230 square feet). It comes equipped with box heaters, electrical panel with lights and electrical outlets, 50″ super single tires, Rockwell axles, and Rockwell high/low range transfer case. It has a 3-person cab with in-cab heating and only $4,100 miles. Though this particular vehicle has already been sold, Plan B Supply has other vehicles for sale, some just like this.

1993 AM General M998 Flatbed Truck – $34,900

Photo credit commercialtrucktrader.com

This 4×4 HMMWV (Humvee) features a 6.2L, 8-cylinder diesel engine and is equipped with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Other specifications include: 7,700 GVWR, 4-door, soft top, cargo/trooop carrier body, and 3×12.50R16.5 tires.

2004 Volvo 6×4 Griffin D-500 Armored Truck – $38,800

Photo credit commercialtrucktrader.com

While not a military vehicle, this armored truck would be a fantastic addition to any prepper’s armory. Perhaps the biggest draw for this vehicle – it is made from certified bullet-resistant material. Other features include: 6-sided body armor, curbside cargo door and main rear skid door with a Waltco lift gate, flat rear floor, 2 rows of E-track, door ajar security system and deadbolt locks, and it has a GVWR requirement of of 52,000 pounds with payloads of 25,000 pounds. This would be the perfect vehicle for those who don’t want to initially stand out by driving a desert camo or woodland camo military vehicle, but still want a bullet-proof bug out truck to keep them, their survival gear, and their family safe. There are other armored truck options from Commercial Truck Trader with prices that range from $32,000 – $38,000.

T-72 MBT – $50,000+

Photo credit mortarinvestments.com

If a military truck isn’t good enough for your standards, and if you have $50k, then the MBT (Main Battle Tank) T-72 will be a good option to look at. This second-generation Soviet tank first entered production in 1972 and there are an estimated 50,000 that were built. Algeria, Bulgaria, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Syria, and Yugoslavia have all used the T-72 MBT in military operations. The tank’s hull and turret are protected by armor plating, including combined armor arrays over the frontal arc. The running gear is protected by gill-type armor panels. A smokescreen can be laid by the 902B Tucha smoke-discharging-system or by an exhaust smoke-laying system, adding an extra layer of protection for the T-72’s occupants. It is equipped with a V-84 liquid-cooled four-stroke multi-fuel diesel engine which develops 618kW (840hp), providing a power-to-weight ratio of 13.8kW/t, planetary transmission with hydraulic servo-control system, running gear with RMSH track and torsion bar suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers. With a road speed of around 37 mph and a road-range distance of 310 miles with the main fuel tanks, and the ability to negotiate fording depths to almost 4 feet (snorkels can be fitted for fording to a depth of 16 feet), the T-72 MBT is a prepper’s bug out vehicle dream. A drawback, however, is the lack of storage space that other options provide.

BTR-80 – $70,000 – $110,000

Photo credit tie.in.ua

For the prepper with a bigger wallet, this BTR-80 is a beast to own. You can search online for one for sale, there looked like there might be some on sovietarmor.com ($85,000). It has a single 260-hp, V-8 turbocharged, water-cooled, diesel engine (an improvement over the twin gasoline engines installed in the BTR-60 and BTR-70 vehicles). It, like all other military vehicles available for civilian purchase, has been completely demilitarized.

There are many, many different types of military vehicles that you can find for sale, from diesel cargo trucks to armored personnel carriers (even SWAT vehicles), so browse the internet and find what you are looking for from a credible place. Any of these vehicles is a long-term investment, so make sure you are ready for it. You’ll not only have to purchase the vehicle, you’ll also have to pay for transportation to get it to you.

If you are seriously considering buying one of these, or a similar, vehicle, make sure that your surrounding environment (mountainous, muddy, swampy, coastland with small islands nearby) is taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle.