Colt LE6920 – Best AR-15 for Around $1,000?

The AR-15 has been synonymous with the U.S. military since its introduction in 1960, making this rifle one of the most recognized firearms in history.  Many different companies manufacture AR-15 variants including Bushmaster, Knight’s Armament, and Windham Weaponry, with prices ranging from $600 – $3,000.

However, despite all of these variations, there is one specific rifle that may be your best best for an affordable Mil-Spec AR-15… the Colt LE6920.  Colt has manufactured the M-16 longer than any other company and continue to manufacture the M4 for the U.S. military today.  So if you want the closest thing to a military M4 without spending the money on acquiring the NFA weapon, the LE6920 is nearly identical to the M4 carbines our soldiers use on the battlefield today.

This YouTube video by Sturmgewehre clearly explains why this rifle is your best bet for under $1,200 (current average price as of Summer 2013).