Trainning Mind And Body Self Defense Training Dummies May Help You

It’s one thing to have a year supply of food, enough guns for each family member and the ammo to last you indefinitely – but if you are not in shape you will be in for some seriously hard times.

Staying in shape and knowing self defense is just as important as knowing how to start a fire, purify water, or stalk a deer.

Train your mind and your body with Century’s BOB and Bobby Bully training dummies.

Century MMA is a trusted brand of martial arts and training gear that have supplied the world’s greatest gyms with equipment for years.  Among their top-rated products are their life-like training dummies, the BOB and Bobby Bully.

I have trained on both of these dummies thousands of times and they have both withstood years of use and abuse.  Let’s go over the BOB bag first.

Century offers 2 variations of their full-sized dummy, BOB (“Body Opponent Bag”).  The first is the normal full-sized bag, complete with a life-like bag of head, shoulders, and torso.  The other variation is their XL version, which has more punching and kicking space due to the inclusion of BOB’s shorts.

Both variations have multiple height adjustments, from 60″-78″, and have the following features:

  • polyethylene base
  • base fillable with sand or water, rounded for easy roll-relocation
  • about 270 pounds when filled
  • one year limited warranty
  • freestanding heavy bag with life-like upper torso
  • creates more striking surface for head or body shot training (XL)
  • high-strength plastisol body filled with urethane foam

The normal BOB is currently available at Amazon for $211.44, while the XL BOB is currently priced at $313.99.

The Bobby Bully is similar, but meant for kids’ training.  Currently priced on Amazon at $185.62, the Bobby Bully is a kid-sized life-like training dummy that has 2 height adjustments and is perfect for young martial artists.