BO3 Zombies MatoMaster No Mans Land: 400 Kills World Record

Frenzy: Hey Mato, congrats on that 400 No Mans Land. That is quite the incredible achievement to have. After years of playing it on and off you finally did it man. That’s just incredible. Especially being the first to 400, that’s going to be quite the legacy to come with it. You deserve every bit of gratitude and satisfaction from this victory man. I’m really happy for you.

Mato: Hey Frenzy, thank you so much man, appreciate all the words. Yeah it would be hard to describe what I felt when I saw 400 on the scoreboard ???? It took 4 years to get this far & I´m really happy it´s finally done. My mission is completed! 🙂 Thank you again Frenzy

Frenzy: Okay, so first question I have to ask. I know you have been playing No Mans Land since it came out on PS3 in September 2011. If you had to estimate. How many hours have you put into No Mans Land?

Mato: This is a very difficult question to give you an exact answer to because I don´t know myself. There has been a few moments when I only played No Man´s Land for a few months straight. Getting 380 kills on PC back then was incredibly difficult because I was not used to it & it took me 4 months to do it & in that period I have played numerous hours almost every day. My estimation is around 2000+ hours of No Mans Land gameplay so far.

Frenzy: I’ve definitely got to ask you. You didn’t just pick up the controller again after 6 months and get 400 kills first game did you? If not how much would you say you were playing these last few months?

Mato: No, I did get 395 kills though after not playing for 2 months on the 2nd day. That was on January 18th. Since then when I had some spare time I would try for a few hours and reached my goal of 400 kills on March 3rd at 2:00 AM.

Frenzy: Since you stopped gaming as much, what would you say is taking up most of your free time, besides school?

Mato: I have started doing business which I am trying to develop so I could do it for a living. Besides that I am a few steps away from getting a Bachelor´s degree so I have to take care of the university responsibilities.

Frenzy: If I recall correctly, once you got 380 kills you speculated that only 385 kills would be possible and that No Mans Land was at it’s absolute limit. Did you ever think that you would some day get 400 kills back then?

Mato: Well, I had problems to control the character the way I was used to on a console but since I did 380 on PC where are some limitations in movement so that was a huge issue for me. Once I could start playing with my favourite controller on Xbox I got way more confident. But 400 kills all boils down to the new strategy because without it I would have not reached that goal.

Frenzy: Lets face it, now that 400 is up on No Mans Land it will arguably be the greatest accomplishment in zombies history. If another player beats your score in the near future would you possibly re attempt or are you done for good?

Mato: I was very satisfied with 390 with the old strategy & if there wasn´t for the new strategy I would have not tried again that hard. Now that 400 has been done which was the main goal I feel like it would just be an endless roller coaster between me & Steve so I hope the score will just get tied. I might try a few games after 400 gets beaten but can not take it that seriously anymore because it is a very frustruating challenge.

Frenzy: I know you told me a few months ago you weren’t getting Advanced Warfare when it was released. Do you have any plans on getting Advanced Warfare or the next Treyarch game?

Will we possibly see a return of the old Mato Master that helped shape you into the legend who you are today?

Mato: I did get Advanced Warfare & made a couple of records early with my partner The Rouxlive but all our games ended with strange errors & disconnections so we stopped trying. I currently do not have any plans for playing Advanced Warfare in the future but I will stick around to see how you guys are doing.

Frenzy: Lastly, I just wanted to say, it was a pleasure interviewing you man. Any last words before we close this interview?

Mato: Thank you for an interview man, it was a pleasure for me as well. I would like to say thanks to the entire community for staying around this long & still having passion for zombies. Also like I said in my video special thanks to IlSteveIl for such a great competition and cooperation, I can not be thankful enough.

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