Wishlist For BO3 Zombies

Hey Guys,

So whilst we are all awaiting the hugely anticipated Black Ops 3, I thought it would be a good idea to explore ideas and perhaps draw some comparisons at what people would like to be included in Treyarch’s next instalment to what actually might be included.

Classic Maps
Likewise with Black Ops, a map pack DLC including some of the fan’s favourite maps (or better still coming with the game) will be quite high in the priorities list as far as consumers will be concerned, perhaps including a revamped Kino Der Toten, Moon, Die Rise or dare I say TranZit.

A remastered TranZit would certainly ask questions.

This notion probably has a high chance of becoming a reality, as not only would it bring in extra revenue for Treyarch through DLC, but it would also give players a chance to play the older maps on the (not so) new consoles. Some of you may remember my last article on backwards compatibility which you can see here , so if BO2 was revamped onto xbox one then the classic maps idea may be flawed.

More Dynamic Easter Eggs
Maybe not to the high round player, but certainly to some people is the appeal of easter eggs. Over the years they have been becoming more and more diverse and challenging, so with BO3 all of these eagle eyed fans should probably have their hands full.
Another interesting concept would be solo easter eggs, as we first saw in Call Of The Dead (my favourite map), as perhaps some people don’t have devoted friends to complete easter eggs with.

“Why does PaP take so long?”

With that said, one thing I personally would not want is another easter egg that involves the Pack-A-Punch. One of the most tedious things in all the zombies maps (for me) was this lengthy process to acquire the upgrading machine. Keep these things separate Treyarch!

No Exo Suits In Zombies
Advanced Warfare got some pretty mixed reviews for Exo Zombies, and BO3 gameplay shows this new form of war is set to return. In my opinion, again these things should be kept separate, as I don’t think it fits in the zombies mode we all know and love. To a certain degree it also made the game slightly easier, as you could literally escape from almost any situation.

Another mixed reception came in the form of buildables. Positive aspects certainly included things such as being able to place wonder weapons or helpful tools where you wanted, and the ease of building things due to set spawns for component locations.

More Variety Perhaps?

It’d be interesting to see some more varied options, or some that are easier to utilise i.e. the not so great electrical trap from TranZit.

Better Wonderweapons
With the Thundergun arguably being the best wonder weapon to date, we haven’t really come close to something similar until the Sliquifier (bar the patch), but I’m sure everyone would be relieved to see some more extravagant, and more importantly, more useful weapons for the later rounds. They are called wonder weapons after all, not only good until round 50 weapons.

And Finally…

Working Leaderboards!

Of course whilst this could jeopardise fantastic community sites such as this one, or the previous zombie records, but just at a quick glance to the casual player they can look at the leaderboards and agree with some accuracy.

So that wraps it up for this week, I hope you enjoyed it (if you can enjoy reading) and be sure to keep checking the site regularly to stay up to date on the latest records and articles from yours truly.