Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Records Returning To Console?

If any of you watched E3 this year, one of the biggest announcements was Microsoft’s news of enabling backwards compatibility for xbox one. Slowly but surely, 360’s mass amount of games is slowly being brought forward for people to enjoy on the new console, with more powerful hardware supplying the games with better graphics and frame rates.

As every game has to be carefully remastered to play on the xbox one, and as a result a poll was put up by Microsoft to see what the top games for remastering were wanted by the community. Zombie players will be pleased to hear BO2 topped that vote; the rest of which you can see here . Among other 360 classics, Black Ops, MW & MW2 all made the top ten, showing the popularity of Activision’s older titles. Anyway, back to the point of this article.

With the better hardware improving BO and BO2, will it be possible for records to come back to console players? The main advantage of PC gaming thus far for zombies is that players can go on to much later rounds with less risk of resets and much less frame lag, so how would these new console variations compare to PC?

The Xbox one uses processors based on AMD architecture and sport eight cores. The Xbox One also reserves a pair of cores for the operating system, making six cores available for games to make use of. The base clock for the Xbox One runs at a rate of around 1.75 GHz. Intel’s processors, which are generally preferred for gaming, usually come with no more than four cores. Six-core CPUs are prohibitively expensive. AMD offers eight core processors, but their chips suffer from lower per-core performance than what Intel has to offer.

So Xbox One is better than PC right?

Yeah maybe not.

Clock speed and core count don’t tell the whole story though. The architecture used by the new consoles is based off a design called Jaguar, which targets mobile devices, rather than the faster and more powerful Piledriver architecture, used in desktop computers. AMD powered laptops with Jaguar-derived processors tend to deliver benchmark scores several times slower than a modern AMD or Intel desktop CPU. An Intel Quad-Core will also arguably make up the loss of cores due to it’s performance.

Can the xbox one really catch PC’s performance for zombies?

The graphics cards within Current (Next) Gen consoles aren’t exactly the best either, the Xbox One’s GPU has 768 cores running at 853 MHz, leading to peak theoretical output of 1.31 teraflops (FLOPS is short for Floating Point Operations Per second).

However the RAM, which stands at 8GB in the Xbox, is about on par if not better than most standard PCs, so could provide some salvation.

With all that said, it can still be deduced that much higher rounds will be doable on these revamped titles, so as well as BO3 zombies players have something else to look forward to right?

Sadly, maybe not again.

Paul Tassi of Forbes goes into more detail why here . But for those of you who can’t be assed to read that, it basically states how Activision won’t make any money off of this move, every year brings in less sales, and a remastered free version of their more popular titles won’t help these sales figures (for any economically interested readers this is called the accelerator effect).

Since MW3 Every Year Brings A Loss For CoD

In addition to this it will also disrupt their yearly game release programme.

To bring this to a close, yes, higher rounds will be far more accessible if brought back for the Xbox one, and with that potentially records. But as mentioned previously, the sight of BO2 being played on Xbox one may be some way off, if it comes at all.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading this quite long article and I hope you liked it; keep killing zombies.