9 Kinds of Rope for the Outdoors and How to Use Them

Rope.  There are hundreds of uses you can get out of them, most of which are helpful while in the outdoors.

Paracord (initially used as suspension lines in U.S. military parachutes) is arguably the most popular type of rope within the prepper community.

With a military specification requiring true paracord (550 cord) to have 7-9 interwoven strands of cord within the braided nylon sheath, you can use this rope to build and tie down a shelter, suspend supplies out-of-reach in trees, or use the individual strands as replacements for shoe laces or even fishing line.

However, paracord is not the only useful type of rope, and Field & Stream has an articlelisting the 9 most useable ropes and what you can use them for.  They are:

  • twisted rope
  • braided rope
  • climbing rope
  • paracord
  • guyline cord
  • bungee cord
  • sisal
  • baling twine
  • tow strap (though not true rope, still very efficient)

With a number of emergency uses limited only by your imagination, the combination of these rope allow you to be able to survive in the wilderness by assisting in shelters, traps, tools, and protection – making rope a must-have for any outdoorsman, prepper, or survivalist