World Cycling Championships Transit Guide

Although there will be adjustments to the services of many transportation providers to accommodate the 2015 World Cycling Championships, service will continue uninterrupted. Changes to services during the worlds may include special pricing or passes, additional capacity and accommodations for cyclists, alternate routes, relocated stops or pick-up and drop-off locations, altered schedules or timetables, alternate access to facilities, and relocated daily or long-term parking. Impacted services include local GRTC and VCU RamRide buses, Greyhound, Megabus, and Amtrak Thruways regional buses, taxicabs, and others. This Guide includes information about the nature and timing of impacts on these providers, as well as general information for travelers about what to expect during the 2015 Worlds. Transportation providers are the best resource for detailed information about changes to their services.

The information in this Guide is organized by transit type or provider, except where changes at a single location impact multiple modes, providers, and aspects of service (such as at Main Street Station).

Even if a particular mode or provider is not impacted directly, higher passenger volumes, increased traffic, and road closures may impact travel plans. Please plan in advance, allow extra time to reach your destination, and expect longer waits for services such as check-in and ticketing.

In addition to the changes outlined in this Guide, transit users should refer to the Navigate the Worlds Roads Guides and Parking Guide to understand how road closures may impact their trip.

Not all services will be impacted on all event days, but some services will see impacts beginning before and continuing through the 2015 Worlds. The timing and duration of impacts will be specified in each section.

The GRTC Transit System is a public service corporation providing local and express bus service in the Richmond metropolitan area. GRTC has implemented a number of changes to improve bus service and accommodate additional riders during the 2015 Worlds. For more information about GRTC services during the 2015 Worlds, please

The GRTC bus system is an excellent transportation choice for spectators accessing the 2015 Worlds. GRTC will offer a Special Event Pass with unlimited ride privileges (any route, any time) from Friday, September 18 through Monday, September 28. Passes are $35, and will go on sale August 21 at select regular vendors, through the GRTC online store (coming soon!), from RideFinders, and in local area hotels. Passes will also be available during the 2015 Worlds at the Richmond 2015 FanFest and at the 9th Street Transfer Plaza.

Many GRTC routes will be impacted by road closures during the 2015 Worlds, with most impacts concentrated in the downtown area. Riders should expect increased travel time during race events.

GRTC will operate temporary bus stops along their detour routes. When utilized, detour routing will be in effect all day before, during, and after road closures and race events. Detour routing and alternate bus stops will be available online at the Trip Planner tool on September 5, 2015. This tool will also be available
on the GRTC Transit On The Go! mobile app beginning September 19, 2015.

GRTC staff and drivers will assist riders on buses and at the Downtown Transfer Plaza, north of Richmond City Hall on 9th Street.

Street or Ramp Closure
Parking Restriction (Notice Posted 1 Week in Advance)
Accessibility Area
Race Course (Roads Closed, No Parking)
One-Way to Two Way Conversion or Contra-flow
Vehicular Course Crossing Point
Key Access Point, Route, or Detour

Main Street Station serves as the downtown hub for regional and interstate bus and rail transportation, with service from Amtrak trains, Amtrak Thruway buses, Megabus buses, GRTC buses, taxicabs, and VCU RamRide. The station is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, and is also ADA accessible.

Because of the long-term parking restrictions and roadside barriers in place along East Main Street during the 2015 Worlds, Amtrak Thruway and Megabus bus boarding will be relocated from the south lot to Ambler Street east of Main Street Station from Friday, September 18 through Monday, September 28.

The cab stand on East Main Street in front of the station will be replaced with stands on East Franklin Street between Ambler and 17th Streets, and west of the station in the lot south of East Franklin Street.

Passenger pick-up and drop off will be possible at these locations.

Main Street Station offers well-lit automated public parking facilities in two locations. The east parking lot will have access from East Franklin Street to the north during the 2015 Worlds. The Plaza is located between Main and Cary Streets directly across from the Station, with access from East Cary Street to the south during the 2015 Worlds. Parking is free for the first hour, $1.00 per hour after the first hour up to $5.00 per day. For questions about parking, please call Standard Parking at 804-649-7275.

On Sunday, September 27, there will be a special event in the Plaza. No parking will be allowed in the Plaza, beginning the evening of Saturday, September 26, and continuing through Sunday, September 27. Regular lot operation will resume Monday, September 28. Parking restrictions will be posted at least one week in
advance of the first effective date.

Main Street Station will operate on a normal business schedule during the 2015 Worlds. For information about individual transporation providers and their services, please refer to provider information resources.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 3,800 destinations in North America.
Greyhound service is available in Richmond to and from the station at 2910 North Boulevard. This station will be impacted by training sessions and race events utilizing the Team Time Trial course.

The closure of North Boulevard when the Team Time Trial course is active will block the main entrance to the Greyhound bus station. The Team Time Trial course is in use for training the morning of Saturday, September 19 with road closures from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and racing during the day on Sunday, September 20 with road closures from 10:30 AM to 4:35 PM. During these times, access to the station will be from northwest, via Boulevard West.

In Richmond, you may hail a passing cab, or call a cab to your location.
Queued cabs must park up in a designated taxicab stand. In addition to two temporary stands that will be established at Main Street Station (see the Main Street Station section of this Guide), two more stands will be established to serve spectators and hotel guests (stands along 5th Street will be closed for the duration of the 2015 Worlds). The first will be at the intersection of 2nd and Marshall Streets downtown. The second will be at the intersection of 29th and East Grace Streets, near the Libby Hill Fan Zone.

Richmond International Airport is conveniently located approximately ten miles east of downtown Richmond, just off of Interstate 64. Although the airport and environs are well outside the immediate footprint of race events, air travelers are encouraged to plan for additional time to get to the airport in case of traffic delays. Travelers should arrive early to allow extra time for ticketing, baggage check, and security due to anticipated high passenger volume.