75 Items You Don’t Want to Forget to Stock Up On While Survive An Emergency

Most survivalists stock up on supplies such as food, water, and other necessities in order to survive an emergency.  This list on what to stock up on tends to contain generally the same items.

However, there are many different items that you many not have considered stocking up on that could make life much easier in an emergency situation.  Things that you wouldn’t have thought of before simply because it didn’t occur to you.

Perhaps you’re focused more on what you physically need to survive, but below you will find a list of 75 items that you probably are not stocking up on, but should consider.

Many items on this list are more appropriate for a bugging-in situation, instead of a bugging-out one, but they are important nonetheless.  This list is from an article on survivalcache.com and helps identify items that aren’t normally talked about.

Have a look at these 75 items and see what’s listed that you didn’t even think of stocking up on (list is in no particular order of importance).  Remember – most of these items are not necessarily imperative for survival, but instead will make surviving easier and more comfortable.

  1. toothpaste and toothbrushes
  2. gun cleaning supplies (cotton pads, oil, etc.)
  3. duct tape
  4. cooking oil
  5. shampoo
  6. deodorant
  7. laundry detergent
  8. books and other reading material
  9. WD-40
  10. sewing supplies
  11. bolts, nails, screws
  12. games
  13. paper and pencils/pens
  14. spare parts for all gear
  15. musical instruments
  16. lantern mantles
  17. hand tools
  18. broken window replacement/fix/cover (plywood/plastic panes)
  19. bleach
  20. household cleaning supplies
  21. sponges
  22. towels and wash clothes
  23. gold bond or baby power
  24. baby supplies (diapers, etc.)
  25. aloe
  26. sunscreen
  27. bug spray (type you wear)
  28. bug spray (type that kills)
  29. comfort foods (morale)
  30. chains and locks
  31. rubbing alcohol
  32. mouse traps
  33. lamp wicks
  34. lice shampoo
  35. salt
  36. liquor
  37. eyeglasses
  38. alcohol wipes
  39. eyedrops
  40. pet food
  41. fertilizer
  42. coolers
  43. buckets
  44. clothes pins
  45. children’s clothes (1 size larger)
  46. superglue
  47. wash board
  48. spray paint (black, white, green, brown)
  49. zippers, buttons, velcro, snaps, knee patches
  50. patches for tents/tarps
  51. garbage bags
  52. lime
  53. charcoal and lighter fluid
  54. birth control
  55. vitamins
  56. razor blades
  57. saw blades
  58. garden tools
  59. spark plugs
  60. motor oil
  61. manuel air/tire pump
  62. bird seed (attracts birds as a potential food source)
  63. fire extinguishers
  64. wire
  65. Q-tips
  66. cotton balls
  67. corn starch
  68. thermal wear
  69. toilet paper and hand soap
  70. vinegar
  71. baking soda
  72. hydrogen peroxide
  73. zip ties
  74. vegetable and fruit seeds (for a DIY garden)
  75. gloves (work gloves for cleaning, gardening, etc.)

There are many, many typical household items that we use everyday to make our lives easier, so why not stock up on some of those things?

These 75 items are not necessarily needed to stay alive, and many of them would be too much of a hassle to take with you in your bug-out-bag.  This isn’t that type of list.

If, however, you find yourself needing to bug-in due to a hurricane or other emergency.  Many of these items will make life more comfortable.