Best Things To Do On Cancun Vacations

The main attractions of Cancun are their white sand beaches and their clear and warm waters.

However, due to the services built beside that and the beauty and culture of their surroundings, there is a wide variety of things to do and places to visit that are worth to experience once you are here. For some ideas about what Cancun has for you, take a look of the following things-to-do list.


Beach & Sun

You will find your beach hotel almost a paradise. Rooms, lobbies and beach areas in Cancun hotels usually are astonishing. Being at the pool with your favorite beverage, in front of the beautiful Caribbean ocean of Cancun will be a great pleasure by itself. In addition of this, you can snorkel or use the sport amenities of your hotel, such as kayaks, volleyball games, water polo, aerobics, etc.

Water Sports

The concierge desk in your hotel will give you the best advise about where to rent the desired equipment, depending on where your hotel is located and how much you would like to spend. Usually you will be forwarded to a marina or to a beach location, where you will be able to rent wave runners, sunfish sails, kayaks and others. You may also ask for water ski, windsurf, parachutes, banana boat, etc.

Tours & Theme Parks

A great way to upgrade your Cancun vacations is taking one of the very unique tours you can find in this destination or visiting one of its wonderful natural theme parks. Based on our own experiences, we recommend to you the Atlantis Submarine, Xel-Ha and Xcaret. But there are many other tours very interesting to try.

Scuba Diving

The Mexican Caribbean shares the world second largest coral reef system, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best experiences of a lifetime. The same tour operators that offer the diving sessions offer the proper training too, in case you have not dived before. Here are two website were you can find more information.

Sport Fishing

Cancun and surroundings offer a wide variety of premier gamefish, such as barracudas, wahoo, tuna, swordfish, sailfish, white and blue marlin, mahi-mahi, dorado, etc. There are seasons for all the species and the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean add more pleasure to your journey. In our experience, Cozumel is a great place for fishing, no matter the size of your boat. One fisherman we know very well is the owner of


Cancun and Riviera Maya have world class golf courses designed by most recognized architects, offering great scenarios combining the tropical forest of the region, mangrove swamps, ocean views and natural lagoons or wells. The Mexican Caribbean Course Association has a great website with all the details you may need to choose the golf course of your preference.


Going out for dining in Cancun is such a nice experience that you will remember it as one of the best thing you did in Cancun. No matter the kind of cuisine you choose, all the restaurants have the typical friendly Mexican service that will make you feel totally welcome and comfortable, without mentioning the great gastronomy culture the restaurant industry has developed in Cancun.


Shopping in a foreign city is always a lottery and Cancun is not the exception, with the additional benefit that you will find Mexican handicrafts everywhere and regional products that you wont find anywhere else, including other Mexican cities. Some good things you will find are the Yucatecan hammocks, habanero sauce, horchata (rice syrup for a delicious Yucatecan beverage), vanilla, coffee liquor, guayaberas (men Yucatecan distinguished shirts), hipils (women Yucatecan traditional dress), Mexican candies and all kind of handicrafts.


When the night falls, the “Party Center” at the Hotels Zone of Cancun becomes a great party that lasts until 6-8 morning. The “Party Center” is the section of the Hotels Zone Boulevard where the best discos and bars are located. You can go from one disco to another as many times as you wish and people is always coming and going, so the party seems to have no end. This way is easy to drink more than usual, so we just recommend to take the precautions so you do not put yourself in danger.


Soccer and Baseball

Cancun has teams in the major Mexican leagues for soccer and baseball and people enjoy very much going to the stadiums. Both of the stadiums are considered the most safe ones in whole Mexico and people is so respectful that there are not walls or barriers between the public seats and the field, and non incident has happened ever. To go to a stadium in Cancun can be very interesting and funny, as Mexicans make a true party of each game.

Flea Market

There is a very interesting flea market at downtown called “Mercado 28”. Here you will find many small stands with regional cloth, blankets and handicrafts, as well as hammocks, souvenirs, hand made accessories and many things else. You will also find a regional food court and inexpensive restaurants. The place is totally safe to visit.


In Cancun, cinemas are located into the shopping malls. Las Americas shopping center has 10 regular cinemas and 6 VIP cinemas. Both of them are of very good quality, but VIP cinemas are great. Your seat is a wide leather couch with a wood table aside and you can bring from the cinema coffee shop your favorite snacks and drinks such as pop corns, nachos, baguettes, sushi, crepes, hot dogs, soft drinks, beer, wine, whisky or tequila!


Located into Las Americas shopping center, at the South end of the plaza, there is a fancy place where you can play bingo while enjoying your favorite snacks or drinks from their menu. The name of the place is Yak! and is open from afternoon to midnight. Cost of play card is $1 usd and you can play in the computers too, in case you want to play several cards.


Best place for bowling is located at Paseos Cancun shopping center. Is open from 10 am to 2 am. They have 26 lines and cost for playing is about $3 usd line + $1 usd shoes. They have also billiard and video play machines.


Nearby Islands

There are three major islands near from Cancun that we recommend to visit: Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Holbox.

Isla Mujeres is the nearest one and the easiest to go too. Just take a taxi to Puerto Juarez ferries pier and take one of the each hour ferries they schedule. Once there, you will find nice streets and wonderful beaches everything within walking distances.

Cozumel offers you the best waters to dive or snorkel, as well as virgin beaches at the east side of the island. You may want to rent a car there, as the best beaches are not near from the pier or downtown.

Holbox is a great place that is worth to stay for a minimum of 2 nights. You will love the rustic virgin beaches and the seafood. Hotels are mostly wood cabins with palm roofs, which makes you feel like in a lost in time fisher

Mayan Ruins

The Yucatan Peninsula is plenty of Mayan ancient cities and vestiges some of them famous all around the world. You can visit them by your own, renting a car, or booking one of the many tours available. Considering their importance and location, we recommend to visit Chichen Itza (110 mi / 178 km from Cancun), Tulum (81 mi / 131 km) or Coba (107 mi / 173 km), until there are many more Mayan ruins spread along the Peninsula.

Exploring Around

Taking advantage of Cancun location, one great way to enjoy all the surroundings offer is renting a car and traveling around the Yucatan Peninsula. On your way you will find typical and Mayan inhabited small towns, cenotes everywhere and Mayan and Colonial vestiges. Feel free to swim in any cenote you wish, as well to step out of your car on the towns you find or visit the Colonial Haciendas on your way. A good choice can be to drive toward Merida City, where you will want to stay for a couple of days.