Cancun Safety & Security Tips Advises & Emergency Phone Numbers

Nevertheless news are showing an increase of violence in Mexico since 2008, this happens mostly at the north of the country and at the areas near from the US border. Tourist destinations like Cancun remains with the same low risk than any other destination.



People from the Peninsula of Yucatan are distinguished by their warm and friendly service to visitors, as well as by their kindness and promptness to help.

In spite of the violence wave Mexico is currently living, Cancun stays as safe as always has been. Crimes in Mexico are happening at the North of the country (Cancun is at the South) and come from drug cartels disputes and government efforts to fight drugs. Definitively, criminals are not targeting tourists, as they are not their enemies in any way.

According with last researches, deaths by violence in Mexico are 90% cartel members, 7% police and army and only 3% civilians (1).

So, is Cancun or Riviera Maya a safety place to visit? Well, if you are a drug dealer then is not, but if you are a tourist, definitively it is safe. So do not be afraid to come to Cancun, just follow the same common sense precautions than in any elsewhere and have fun without getting in troubles.

For general safety and security advises about Mexico here is a useful link for United States citizens: country advises (US citizens)

Tourist areas in Cancun are completely safe. The city has the same crime level than any other city of its size in developed countries. Crimes in Cancun occur in poor zones and they do not target tourists. Nevertheless common sense precautions will help you to avoid any unpleasant experience:

Do not leave your things unattended at the beach.

A thief wont hurt you, but could be waiting for an opportunity to take your camera, purse or sunglasses.

At street, keep your wallet in a safe place.

Particularly at airport, bus station or shopping centers. Do not carry more money than you think you may need, and is not necessary to carry on your passport neither as you can always say that is in your hotel room.
Be cautious when withdraw money.

Use ATMs into commercial stores and be aware of anybody that seems suspicious. Also be careful when change money or when go to banks.

Use your room safe box.

Do not leave valuable things in your room, but into your safe box only.

Do not get in troubles.

If you go to the discos just have fun without starting a fight and nobody will bother you. Try to be not too friendly with strangers, drink moderately and do not carry illegal substances with you… in few words, stay away of any trouble.