Dominican Hotel Scenario: Hook Up, Ask Out Or Ignore Completely

Arrived at a Dominican Republic hotel and it was a medium sized hotel a hotel size that you get for the range I like to spend no matter what city I go to which comes out to around $50.00 per night and includes internet, A/C and breakfast and is clean. For $50.00 per night and always remember to check if they have pimp fee’s or “guest fee’s” as they like to call it where I simply refer to this fee as extortion which in reality it is only it’s bent to look like a normal fee. As corruption continues to pollute the entire world, these cities, especially those with hotel industry will always figure out the best ways to rob the individual. Those days of earning a living the good old fashioned way are long gone and corruption is in, just look at the massive growth of corruption and the number one complaint in America today besides the renewal of a new found racism like from the 60’s. It’s funny because those so called “guest fee’s” only come around in cities where foreign men typically date women.

The hotel was actually nice and on the smaller side from the typical sprawling hotels I normally stay at in Dominican Republic, I flew down with a pro golfer friend of mine and we just went to enjoy for a long weekend. Get some good food, hit some Caribbean style clubs, check out some caves and chill out with some hot very energetic babes wrapped up in a long weekend. Different cities all have their own type of style and in Dominican republic, I prefer to always have a girl with me, whether it be out at a club drinking, at the pool mid afternoon, sleeping in, or whatever I find that Dominican republic is always better with a hot babe by your side 24/7. Where a place like Medellin you might prefer to play the field and meet girls in the daytime to mix it up a bit, rather then just stick with the same girl all day long.

I use Dominican cupid and get numbers before flying down, even if it is on short notice for this reason internet in the hotel is imperative. So when I find a super hot one, I pretty much like to hang on to her for the weekend and who knows if things go well for future upcoming trips as well.

What would you do in this scenario?

I had nothing going on the day of arrival so it was still very early in the afternoon and my buddy had other things to do, so I decided to hit the pool and get some sun. I get downstairs to the pool and it is very cramped, meaning there is a fence on the opposite side of the pool with no room for chairs, so the only area is the very front close to the doors going inside the hotel which there are like 3 lounge chairs total all set up kind of feet to head type thing. So I grab the back one and lay on my stomach with my head facing front. Within about 10 minutes a beautiful American or European girl around 27yo comes down and say’s just a quick hello and removes her shorts and has a thong on, while standing she oils her rear legs and ass and lays right in front of me also on her stomach which is hot to begin with but she was especially special as half of her pussy was exposed.

Here I am in Dominican Republic within an hour of landing at a cramped pool with an American girl half naked in front of me so close that I can smell the oil on her lower legs and open just wide enough with a clear view of her perfectly groomed pussy. The sun automatically gets you horny to begin with, whether it’s being on the beach or just the feeling of the breeze and calmness around, I always enjoy having a quickie up in the room before lunch while laying at the pool. Instantly getting aroused from the half naked pussy right in my face wondering if she realizes it or not, if she is also horny and this is a gesture of ask me to the room and lets bang scenario or is it just a simple mistake, is it possible she doesn’t feel the difference in breeze on the bare part of the pussy and the covered side?

It’s one of those think fast type scenarios or later regret that you never asked out or even attempted to talk with her. I’m thinking do I ask her to have lunch with me? Do I ask her if she feels like going out later? Do I ask her if she wants me to apply some sunscreen for her? Anything to break the ice. But then a strange thing comes to mind that even though she is hot, after all she is American and the higher percentage of American women are mentally unstable with men, there is far to many games that go along with this then what a fling would be worth. I also knew that later no matter what I would be with a hot babe from the last trip that I already have plans with from the chat the night before. Dominican women are slightly more stable with dating then Colombian women as far as showing up and keeping plans, so I’m not really concerned with a no show as I would be in Colombia.

I decided to enjoy the view, but pass on the entire concept. It was a quick reminder to me of why I even travel to meet women to begin with, why I travel to enjoy myself instead of waste time trying to enjoy myself locally. A reminder of why I hear all of my friends complain about their bitch girlfriends or money hungry ex wives and the scenarios they end up in. Another consideration was the fact that did I really want to blow a load or even two just a few hours before the real evening date began.