Dominican Journals Continuing: Join My Friend’s Marriage

It has finally passed and my buddy is now officially married to a Dominican girl from Santiago. The trip went well, he arrived in Santo Domingo at aprox 8 in the morning where his wife to be met him at the airport, he rented a car and drove over to Santiago. The marriage was set for that very same evening so that they could both leave to the hotel together and spend the rest of the 9 days for the first time since he met her.

The whole process was done at the parents house in Santiago later that very same evening followed by a huge dinner with around 20 people from her side of the family only. No friends, just immediate family. The actual wedding party will be held in November in Santiago at a hall type place with both his friends and family from the United States will fly down and her friends and family will show as well.

This week the paper work process for the visa will be sent in and the waiting game begins. Being in new York it may be somewhat faster for her to arrive in the U.S. as the Vermont service center is almost always quicker then the California service center. In Some cases the approval comes as quick as 2 months while California and Texas service centers always take around 6 months for the initial approval prior to the interview.

It’s funny how we spoke this week and Patrick said how he doesn’t miss Colombia in the least. he was getting so tired of dealing with the girls of Colombia and now that he has this Dominican girl he has felt so much better. We tried to discuss why was that, what was it about Colombian women that made him so tired of hanging out with them. He said ” can’t you see it’s just all a game, so many foreigners have been showing up in places like Medellin that those girls are used to it and continue playing them all, using them all for whatever they can get, whether it be dinners, cash, shopping or whatever it is.” He said that towards the end he was getting very discouraged and was thankful for taking a new shot in Santiago. He also stated that on top of all that, it’s such a pleasure leaving Dominican republic as well, no pat downs, no military searches boarding the planes 2 or 3 times prior to flying, which does get old after a while. He continues on to say ” just imagine I went out with around 30 no good users between Bogota and Medellin and on my very first trip to the Dominican Republic, I find that diamond in the rough. One of those girls in Colombia was actually really nice, she would have made a great wife, she was 24 but had a child and I didn’t want to go against my rules in the search. I just can’t say all 30 girls were bad, there was that one great one. Aside from that one with the kid, you could keep them all. No matter what backgrounds, professional, with money, poor, English speaking or not, didn’t matter, they all turned out bad for me and while I had a great time, lots of great sexual encounters and beautiful dates. None of them would have made that wife material thing that I needed. It seemed they were all out for themselves, had a selfish agenda.”

My friend will continue going to visit her while they are waiting on the approval process for the visa. Probably each month or every 2 months.

I have had an extremely busy week this week with business and am heading off this weekend to a friends house in Apsen to go skiing and watch the Giants win the superbowl.

These pics are from his last trip as they took a small road trip to Santo Domingo to go to the National Aquarium. What a nice view!