Enjoying Water Sports at Cancun & Riviera Maya beach

Shining sun, white sands and pristine waters will be the constant while you ride a jet ski, sail a sunfish or do some snorkeling or scuba diving in these completely safe and beautiful waters of Cancun & Riviera Maya.

Do not worry if you have not do it before, as people in charge will make it easy for you. Even for diving, only a two hours course is needed to submerge yourself with the group in open ocean and admire the wonderful submarine life of the Caribbean.


This is a high recommended activity for your Cancun vacations, as you do not need more than a mask and a snorkel, that you can get in any supermarket or water shop, to spend great moments in your hotel beach, cenotes you visit or nearby beaches you go.

If you want to snorkel in the reefs, just take one of the many tour there are and they will provide all you need.


This is a very popular water activity in Cancun.

They put you aboard of a small exciting speed boat, driven by yourself, and take you through the Nichupte lagoon, in caravan, to the ocean, where you have a great snorkeling time and come back.


You can find them in several places along the beach and you can rent one by hour to make your turns on the blue and clear waters of Cancun.

No previous experience is needed for this great activity and you will find it really exciting.


It is surprising the number and size of species you can get fishing in Cancun.

There are fish seasons all along the year and the people that run the tours are real experts in this exciting activity.

Ocean is very calm in the Caribbean, so you won’t feel sick at all and your chance to catch the biggest fish of your life is really high.


Cancun shares the second longest coral reef system in the world and is spectacular the variety of life you can find there.

The best place to dive is definitively Cozumel, but there are great reefs in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya too.


If you like to feel that you are sliding through the most beautiful and clear water of the world, sailing will be the perfect choice for you.

You can do it in a small sunfish for beginners, or in a big, fast and funny catamaran tour.


Winds in Cancun are perfect for this sport. No too weak, not too strong neither, you will get a great sensation of having worked out after windsurfing a while.

Rentals are inexpensive and there are a lot of people around in case you need any help.


The Nichupte lagoon is the best place for this exciting activity.

There are share tours with all the equipment you may want to try, including slalom, skiing tables or wakeboarding.


Most of the hotels in Riviera Maya offer complimentary kayaks as part of their amenities.

Also is possible to find this activity with some tours operators or combined with other tours or at water natural parks at the Riviera Maya.