Holbox Visitor’s Quick Guide

A still rustic island, with sand streets only, friendly people (fishermen most of them), and amazing opportunities to taste delights from the sea (lobster pizza, lobster empanadas, fresh fish, etc.).

This magical village will give you sunny days, pristine waters, virgin beaches, excellent fishing, great tours and adventures, and warm and silent nights.

From June to August you can swim with the legendary and friendly whale shark (the biggest shark in the world) and you can see dolphins too and the famous giant manta ray, all of them completely inoffensive

Many people during the long, cold British winter look forward to a holiday in warmer climes. For holidaymakers who want to visit somewhere a little different and away from the crowds, Holbox Island could be the ideal place. The island can be found to the northwest of the popular tourist resort of Cancun, Mexico. Just 26 miles in length, it is underdeveloped as a tourist destination and its secluded location means that its breathtaking natural beauty is unspoilt and uncommercialised. The small population of the island will ensure you receive a very warm welcome.

This charming island location provides for some great wildlife-watching spectacles as it is home to thousands of pelicans and flamingos, while harmless whale sharks and dolphins can be regularly spotted in the warm sea.

The tranquil surroundings provide an ideal opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life. Fishermen regularly walk through the white-sand streets carrying the day`s freshly caught seafood. With very little motorised transport on the island, you can be sure of a quiet, safe and secure environment for the family.

Whether you decide to stay on the island for the duration of your holiday or just visit for the day, you can make the most of what it has to offer by taking advantage of the many day trips. You can choose between swimming with whale sharks, learning how to fish the traditional way or viewing some of the most exotic bird wildlife seen anywhere in the world. Holbox Island offers all that is needed for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Although the island is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, particularly those taking day trips from Cancun, its future looks very promising and over the next few years it is anticipated that tourist numbers will continue to grow.

Since the island is obviously separated from mainland Mexico, the only way to get there is by ferry or air. Ferries leave from Chiquila at regular intervals and are a very cheap mode of transport (USD$2-4). You can also catch a single-engine plane which lands on the islands` own private airport – no long queues getting through passport control!

For those who like to holiday in style, cruise liners visit the region on a frequent basis and the impressive P&O Ventura is a good choice for a luxurious holiday that might include a trip to see and enjoy what Holbox Island has to offer.

Directions | How to get to Holbox

From Cancun, best way to get to Holbox Island is by car. Just take the road to Merida, Yucatan, turn right at Nuevo Valladolid or Nuevo Xcan and go straight. You will arrive to Chiquila, where you can take the ferry to Holbox Island. You will find the signs on the road. Is an about 3 hours trip, but gives you the chance to enjoy the country and small Mayan towns on the way.