Solo Stove – Compact Solution For Your Go-Bag

Compact tools are a must when packing for an outdoors trip or for prepping your bug-out-bag.  Among the items you need for such a situation, a dependable stove is important since with it you can cook meals, purify water, and even just keep warm.

The Solo Stove is a great example of this, with an assembled height of 5.7″,width of 4.25″, and weighing a mere 9oz.

It is designed with a double wall and has a heat shield between the ash pan and the bottom of the stove, protecting the ground underneath from scorching.

The outer shell of the Solo Stove is 1 piece of stainless steel with no seams or welds, eliminating the need for excessive welding and increasing the overall strength and lifespan of the stove.  The grate is comprised of nichrome wire, which has a high melting point of 2,552°F.

Another benefit is that the Solo Stove does not need commercial fuel.  Instead, your cooking and boiling is all done by collecting sticks, twigs, pinecones, and any other tinder you find, so you will never run out of fuel.  This also eliminates the need for expensive, polluting petroleum gas.

With  a boil time of 8-10 minutes (32 fl oz of water) you will be able to purify lake or river water into fresh drinking water very easily.

You can buy your own Solo Stove at, and check out the Solo Stove Titan on Amazon – the larger version of the original stove.  Check out both links at the bottom of this article!!

Here are 2 YouTube videos by Solo Stove.