Wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya

Wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya is a dream that now is easy to make come true. There are really excellent wedding services that will do for you everything you might need for a perfect wedding. Here are some valuable tips and recommendations.

Legal Aspects
First good new is that marriages in Cancun are officially recognized by more than 60 different countries, including United States, Italy, France, Spain, England and many more, as this recognition is an international human right and a legal universal principle, so very few countries disregard it.

Off course, you will need to fulfill the Mexican requirements to be legally married, such like:

– Birth certificate

– Document to proof your legal stay in Mexico (passport and the Mexican admission
document they give you when entering to Mexico)

– Witnesses

The ceremony must be conduced by a Mexican judge and can take place at the Mexican Government Office or at any special location of your choice.
Religious Ceremony
It can take place immediately before or after the legal ceremony. This marriage is not officially recognized by countries, as it is a religious custom.

In Mexico, you can choose between making your religious ceremony at the correspondent church of your religion, or you can ask the religious minister to make the ceremony at the location you choosed for your wedding. Both options are very common in Mexico.

Wedding Services Companies

Most hotels in Cancun have very good wedding services and take care about everything is needed to have a wonderful and unforgettable wedding.

In addition, here are a some wedding services companies that you might want to take into account too.