Digital Disc Printing Is Really A Quite Recent Development

as well as in a brief period of time has transformed the disc print market completely. It’s now easy to have high-impact 4 colour Screen CD and DVD print even on low volume DVD and CD Duplication runs.

To not be mistaken with colour thermal or ink jet, Ultra violet Healed digital is known as the very best 4 colour print readily available for CD and DVD.

We print electronically, direct to the top of CD and setup is rather quick, staying away from using screens, plates and also the chemicals that screen and litho printing require. This will make digital print not just faster but safer for that atmosphere too. Wet proofs could be switched around very rapidly so that as we’re located in Manchester, clients in the region can usually benefit from 24 hour proofing and printing.

If this involves printing DVD or CD, traditional print techniques have frequently determined the look for that disc face. Screen printing techniques are the most useful for CD printing where a couple of colours covers a lot of the disc, and consequently CD print designs have reflected this because of screen printing being the only real solution for several years. With digital DVD printing however, the doorway is opened up to photo-realistic CD and DVD printing. With digital disc printing giving an excellent that even exceeds litho CD printing the creative options are unrestrained.

The most recent generation of disc ink jet printers use Ultra violet healed ink and multiple print heads that act like consumer ink jet but on the larger scale. Each colour is used by 8 separate heads which significantly increases resolution and variable droplet size enables greater variation in shades. When the ink continues to be put on a whitened base it passes within Ultra violet light to become healed right into a solid, glossy and sturdy finish. The ultimate effect is really a print that appears almost three dimensional and it has a excitement that jumps out, which makes it well suited for high-impact designs and photo taking artwork. Our digital printer prints 1200 dvds each hour at full resolution and therefore even large runs could be carried out 24 hrs or less.

tenth Planet has committed to printing technology co-produced by Sun Chemical, a number one global ink manufacturer, and our machine may be the only unique around. We guarantee that you won’t obtain the same disc top printing quality from the other supplier and when you’re in question please give us a call for any sample of the artwork. If you want impressive CD Printing then please give us a call to determine precisely how good disc print look.