DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error Solutions

Many Windows users may encountered ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ error when they try to connect to the internet and browse webpage. Tutorials online did not actually solve this problem, i find a good easy method that could solve ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET’ just by changing the automatically obtained DNS servers to Open DNS, if your problem is ‘DNS server not responding‘, click to view it, that could help you solve the problem.

How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ Issue?

Method 1: Change DNS Address to Open DNS

Right click network icon, then click ‘Network and Sharing Center’.

Find ‘Local Area Connection’ and click it, on the new window, click ‘Properties’, select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ and hit ‘Properties’ again, on the new window ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and then type in ‘’ in the preferred DNS server box and ‘’ in the alternate DNS server box, check ‘Validate settings upon exit’ then click OK.

Method 2: Reboot Your Router

Unplug router power, wait for 5 minutes, then plug it, open browser and go to router setting page, find ‘System Tools’, click the reboot button to boot your router.

Router setting page url often on router instructions, the following is famous router manufacture’s

TP-link, D-Link, Netgear router setting page is:

Linksys, 3Com router setting page is:

Belkin router setting page is:

Micromax router setting page is:

If you are using other brand router, please view its manual.

Method 3: Release or Renew IP and Flush DNS

Open windows command window, type in ‘ipconfig /release’ and hit ‘Enter’ key, then type in ‘ipconfig /renew’, hit ‘Enter’ key

Then type in ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and lick ‘Enter’, clear your computer’s DNS cache, then try to open webpage to check whether you could visit internet.


netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset

After type in command, hit ‘Enter’, after it execute command, restart computer.

Method 4: Check Firewall and Internet Security Settings

If the above methods still cannot solve ‘DNS probe no internet’ problem, please check your firewall and internet security settings, add site to white list or close firewall, set internet security level to low level, don’t forget restart computer, sometimes firewall is still working while you change it but do not start computer.

Open ‘internet options’

1). Clear IE temporary file

2). Set internet security settings to ‘low’

If you just used ‘Windows Update’, please set internet security settings to default level

3). Clear ‘SSL status’

4). Clear the browser’s auto-complete history

5). Check ‘Use SSL 2″ and ‘Use SSL 3’

6). Uncheck ‘Check for Server Certificate Revocation’

If flash picture does not show, check your adobe flash player version, update it to the latest, just open this page https://get2.adobe.com/cn/flashplayer/, it will automatic detect your computer’s flash plug-in, if it’s not the latest version, please download it from the site and install.

Method 5: Using netsh winsock reset command

On the keyboard, hit ‘Win + R’ key, ‘Run’ window will appear, enter ‘cmd’, hit ‘Enter’ key, and then type in ‘netsh winsock reset’ on command window, hit ‘Enter’ key, then wait for the computer restart. If it prompt you need to run as an administrator, please enter the system by administrator and then do the step above.

If the problem is this: Using wired dial up internet, network is fine, can open browser and visit website, but use wireless, cannot open all website.

Please try to solve DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET as the above methods, also check your router whether you have set the MAC address filtering, and set ‘IP connection number limit’ option to ‘enable’

If it’s so, please add your computer or mobile phone MAC address to router white list ‘enabled MAC address’. Or disable this function and set all users could visit network.

How to find computer MAC address?

Method 1. Open windows 7,8,10 command window, type in ‘ipconfig /all’, you will see it on the list

Method 2. On the lower right corner of the taskbar system, find network display icon, open ‘Network and Sharing Center’, find ‘Change Adapter Settings’ on the left. Double-click ‘local connection’, click ‘detailed information’, you will see MAC address.

If all methods cannot solve your problem, i suggest you install this software 360 Total Security, it’s completely free, it has a tool to fix most network error including ‘DNS problem finished no internet connection’. The last method is reinstalling a new windows system if the system was broken and all methods cannot works.

Hope the above method could help you fix ‘DNS probe finished no internet’ error, if one solved your problem, you could save the method on computer or save this page on your favorite, so than you can solve it soon once you encounter DNS problem again. Don’t forget backup your system, this still a good method to avoid reinstalling system.