Electrical Contractors And Consultants Rocklin California

Electrical contractors and consultants count on Industrial Tests, Inc, for a full range of start-up and support services:

Installation support and supervision.
Electrical construction of sophisticated power distribution equipment requires support and/or supervision by experienced field engineers. Proper installation techniques have proven to reduce short-term operation problems and downtime.

Acceptance Testing
Complete acceptance testing not only ascertains the proper functioning of new and/or upgraded equipment, it also provides baseline data for use in predictive maintenance programs. The data we collect during testing is stored in our extensive database, which can be used for comparison purposes and trending in future years.

Commissioning and Energizing
Industrial Tests specialists perform safe equipment start-up, with attention to voltage levels, phasing and proper grounding. Specific equipment testing and adjustments are made to ensure that all electrical safety interlocks are operational and ready for long-term service.

Ground Fault Certifications and Earth Ground Grid Testing Experienced technicians verify low-ohmic ground paths, points, and grids. They also check ground trip pick-up points, busing, wiring, and operation. Secondary or primary injection can be used. Neutral sensor location and polarity is verified. Touch point potential measurements, usually done in outdoor substations, can also be performed. Ground grid integrity and low resistance are paramount for personal safety, equipment protection, transient voltage surge suppression, ground fault, and relay performance.

Cable Testing and Fault Identification
Cable testing identifies, locates, and isolates potential or active cable faults. Trained specialists use care in using the right equipment, voltage, and test set-up to ensure that the testing process doesn’t damage cables or connected equipment.

Relay Testing and Calibration Among the most critical parts of the electrical system, relays serve as the brains for breakers and switches. Coupled with a coordination study, we test relays, verify pick-up points and time delay settings. We will also verify unit operation under the basis of the settings in the study. This procedure also tests control power pick-up and drop-out affecting relay operation.

Industrial Tests, Inc. was established in 1976 by former Westinghouse Engineering Service employees. The company was created as the result of the need for an electrical testing and field engineering company in Northern California. During the past thirty three years, Industrial Tests has become a full service testing company serving the Western United States.

Industrial Tests, Inc. performs electrical power testing for some of the largest electrical contrators and industrial corporations in the world, but enjoys helping small privately owned companies as well. Our mission is to make electricity safe and reliable for everyone.

In addition to performing on-site electrical testing, Industrial Tests has the ability to perform Power System Studies – short circuit, coordination, power quality, and Arc Flash.

Our new 3000 sq. ft. shop is well equipped to meet your circuit breaker repair and switchgear overhaul needs. Industrial Tests, Inc. has also become a California Certified Small Business with the State of California Department of General Services. We are also a 51% women owned business enterprise.

Our company’s philosophy is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of prime importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.