Industrial Tests Substation Services

Industrial Tests, Inc. helps substation owners enhance safety, reliability, equipment life, and performance despite shrinking maintenance budgets. We offer a complete portfolio of the latest tools and test equipment, technologies, and resources to improve transformer and circuit breaker life management; extend equipment life; optimize maintenance to cut costs and reduce outages; enhance SF6 management; and improve switching safety, fault current management, and grounding.

Customer Needs and Safety Issues

Ensuring safety of personnel, general public, and equipment during operations and outages.
Enhancing system reliability, performance, and life of equipment on ever-decreasing maintenance budgets.
Providing advanced technologies and tools to maintain and operate substation equipment in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Impact of Substation Maintenance Program

Extend equipment life by 5-10 years with maintenance guidelines.
Reduce maintenance costs by up to 30% via condition-based maintenance.
Reduce losses via improved SF6 management and transformer cooling.
Implement predictive maintenance practices for reduced outages.
Prevent failure of critical transformers, realizing potential savings per unit of $1-5 million.

Key Customer Benefit

Customized computerized database and stand-alone maintenance guide, providing customer’s engineers and maintenance crews with up-to-date knowledge, test data, procedures, and best practices for substation equipment maintenance, condition assessment, and life extension.

Transformer Oil Analysis to assist non-experts in determining transformer and component conditions.
Maintenance best practice guidelines.
Life-extension guidelines.
Circuit breaker life management and lubrication.
Upgrade of Load Tap Changer protection and controls.
Protection and metering for circuit breaker diagnostics.
Switching safety and reliability.