Louisiana’s Premiere Welding School: Become A Certified Welder In As Little As 7 Weeks!

SPARX Welding & Technology Institute is dedicated to providing our students with world class, career specific training in targeted welding industries. Our hands-on approach to training will provide a quality education aimed toward the job market best suited to our students goals and aspirations.

Our training facility, located in Houma, Louisiana provides our students with state of the art equipment and training with experienced professionals. Our courses are designed to teach the skills that employers want.

Philip Strother, our founder, has 35 years experience in the welding industry. His expertise will ensure that our students will receive training that is unparalleled in the industry. His commitment to safety will mean that our students will learn and practice safety first along with the most needed welding skills. His dedication to his students and his school has ensured that all of our instructors are rated among the best in their fields of expertise.

Welding and Testing Programs Are the Best in the Industry

1. Level I, II, III – Welder Programs

SPARX Welding & Technology Programs provide concentrated instruction on various welding techniques, including:
  • GMAW – gas metal arc welding (wire, MIG, short arc)
  • SMAW – shielded metal arc welding (stick, arc) including plasma
Graduates of SPARX Welding & Technology programs should be able to:
  • Join metals using various welding processes
  • Read prints and interpret welding symbols
  • Determine the quality of welds
  • Use and demonstrate proper safety equipment and gear
  • Use layout tools and measuring equipment
  • Apply welding principles and practices to maintenance and fabrication processes
  • Utilize computerized equipment for welding and cutting

2. Welder Testing and Certification Programs

SPARX Welding & Technology Institute will be offering the following testing and certification programs:
  • Welder Qualification Testing
  • Procedure Qualification
  • Destructive and non-Destructive  including Dye Penetration and Eddy Current
  • Level II and III Inspections Certification


As an AWS Educational Institutional Member, SPARX Welding & Technology utilizes the SENSE Courses.

SENSE – Schools Excelling through National Skills Education – is a set of welding standards and guidelines meant to assist schools in training welders. The program guidelines were originally published in 1995 and 1996 through grants received from the U.S. Department of Education. Based on a survey of the welding industry, the SENSE guidelines define three levels of knowledge and skills required in the welding workplace. Individuals trained with the SENSE guidelines are the Entry Welder, Advanced Welder and Expert Welder.

Common Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I qualify to become a student?

A:  You must be able to meet our physical and reading requirements as listed in our Enrollment Application and School Catalog.

Q:  How much is tuition?

A:  Tuition varies from program to program and depending on the welding career path you are seeking.  Please call the office for detailed tuition information.  Detailed Tuition costs are shown in the Enrollment Application.  Financing is available for all courses. A COURTESY OF $900.00 OFF OF TUITION COST IS GRANTED TO STUDENTS PAYING BY CASH OR CREDIT CARD!

Q:  Does SPARX have a financing program for tuition?

A:  Yes.  SPARX is working with several funding sources to provide students with affordable financing for their tuition.  Visit our Application Page and click on the link for the application.   The tuition financing packages available require little or no money down, depending on qualifications! Complete the loan application and send it with your Registration/Application to SPARX Welding and Technology Institute.   Within a few days, you will hear from us and the funding source regarding loan assistance for your tuition.  Grants and scholarships are also available to assist with financing for qualified students.  A COURTESY OF $900.00 OFF OF TUITION COST IS GRANTED TO STUDENTS PAYING BY CASH OR CREDIT CARD!

Q:  What costs are  included in my tuition?

A:  In addition to tuition cost, all costs for instruction and manuals, welding rods and  a supply of coupons.  We also provide a welding equipment package that includes a leather welding jacket, hood, gloves, cap, safety glasses, grinder  and discs, a wire brush, vice grips and a gear bag, that is included in your tuition package.   Extra coupons can be purchased for a nominal fee.  We also have a welding supply store where additional supplies can be purchased as needed.  Leather steel toe boots are required, but are not available through the school.

Q:  When can I start school?

A:  We have classes starting every week, but because of limited class sizes we will close enrollment on classes as they fill. The best way to start school on a date you are looking for is to apply for acceptance as early as possible.

Q:  What days and times are classes held?

A:  Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM.  Night classes will soon be available!

Q:  How soon can I test for AWS Certification after I complete the course?

A:  You can test at the school immediately after completing the course, as we are also a Accredited Testing Facility for AWS.

Q:  What’s the job outlook like after I graduate?

A:  Excellent. Welders are in high demand locally, nationally and internationally. We work with Advantage Staffing a well-known, reputable and successful labor staffing company who has placed many of our graduates in well paying welding jobs since our opening in 2010.

Q:  How will I find work while I attend school?

A:  Most students work part-time jobs while they attend school. Our student support department has a network of employers in the area who often hire our students.

Learn More About SPARX Welding &Technology Institute

Sparx Welding and Technology Institute LLC has opened a welder training facility at 280A Equity Blvd. in Houma.

The American Welding Society-accredited facility is operated by founders Philip Callahan, Derrick Prentice and Philip Strother, an AWS-Certified Instructor and Certified Welding Inspector.

The school will focus on the fabrication and shipbuilding industries. It is estimated that more than half of those industries’ work force is nearing retirement, creating a potential shortage of more than 200,000 skilled welders.

The facility will accommodate up to 36 students for daily sessions, with evening classes available for advanced technique training. At the conclusion of the seven-week basic course, the students will be able to test for AWS certification. In addition to welder training and qualifying, the company offers destructive and nondestructive testing, and Level II and III inspections.

With a continuing decrease of and current shortage in the welding workforce in South Louisiana and across the nation, Houma-based SPARX WELDING & TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE, LLC has opened its first American Welding Society (AWS) accredited welder training facility at 280A Equity Boulevard in Houma, LA. Company founders, Derrick Prentice of Houma, LA, CEO and Philip Strother, Operations Manager and an AWS Certified Instructor and Certified Welding Inspector, formed the school to fill a need in the fabrication and shipbuilding industries.
Mr. Prentice says “The Company will participate in the much needed welding training field to meet the needs to fill the major welder shortage that is expected to intensify as baby boomers age and the need for skilled labor grows. It is estimated that more than half of the industry’s highly trained workforce is nearing retirement, creating a potential shortage of more than 200,000 skilled welders by 2010.”
The facility will accommodate up to 36 students for daily sessions, with evening classes available for advanced welding technique training. Students will be trained on the newest, state of the art Lincoln Electric welding machines. A low student-teacher ratio will provide students with comprehensive training by qualified instructors. At the conclusion of the seven-week basic course, the students will be able to test for AWS certification.
The school will be centrally located for students in Terrebonne, St. Mary, Lafourche and Jefferson Parishes.