5 Biggest Mistakes When Setting Up Facebook Ads

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes this can be a good thing! I for one commend those people who share stories about Facebook Ads mishaps, because this means that you and I can learn from it and eventually save money and time from repeating the same mistakes in our own businesses.

Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Facebook Ads:


You see a Facebook notification that “one of your post performed better than others” with a suggestion to Boost that post.
Hold it! Dont do it!
Rule of thumb: Click this button only if you know what you are doing and understand the results.
The idea is simple: spend a little money to boost the post to reach more people. Facebook doesnt show your posts to every person who has liked your page. Use this function to release the post to more people, therefore getting more eyeballs to view it.
If you are under the impression that boosting your post will increase likes or shares, you might just want to hold off. Be clear of intentions first.
Take a deep breath, take your hands away from your computer and ask yourself the following:

  • What is the purpose of setting up a boosted post?
  • Am I willing to pay for impressions, likes or clicks?
  • Am I willing to take time to build a presence on Facebook and see the results?
  • What will I get in the end (for your business)? Will it be worth what I paid for?

When done strategically, your ads may bring the leads, conversions and sales that your business needs. However, if you cannot give solid answers to the questions above, then you will need to pause on that action and come back when you have a more strategic plan.


Target your audience accurately. One of the ways to figure out your demographic is to take a look at your Facebook Page Insights. This tool is so powerful that it can provide marketers a precise profile of your audience, including key interests, ages and geographic locations!
With Insights you can also check which of your posts have the highest engagement. With this information, you will have an idea as to which group of people you would want to target when you advertise. Target those who will help you increase buzz.
Another way to target your right audience is by using the Power Editors powerful options: The Precise Interests and Broad Categories.

Precise Interests
This allows advertisers to reach users who have specific interests that have been posted on individuals timeline. These precise interests are pulled from Facebook profile activities, interests, job titles, education, pages they like and groups they belong to.

Broad Categories
This is a bigger audience group profile when compared to precise interests. This information is pulled up from basically anything a Facebook user does (any action taken) any clicks, or anything written/posted anywhere on Facebook. Examples of broad categories would be:

  • Small business owners
  • People married for 1 year
  • Has a birthday in this month
  • NBA fans


Unless you like numbers, this might make you stop reading this post altogether! But wait, this is important: You need to understand numbers and learn how to identify which ads perform the best. With this you can save money by deactivating ads that do not perform well.
One simple way to track numbers is through Ads Manager. Take a look for your ads that have the highest Results (Conversions) with the lower Cost.


Poor copy or text may contain the following:

  • The headline doesn’t offer value or a question
  • Too many details written on the body, spelling, grammar errors
  • There’s an unclear call-to-action or none at all

That is what copywriters are for! If your product or service is considered boring, or a stereotype, (and you are afraid you will run out of ideas to write a good copy yourself) consider reaching out to hire a professional content marketer or copywriter.
On the flip side, great ad copy may contain the following:

  • An interesting headline
  • Highlights positive thoughts and evokes curiosity about your business
  • Has a clear, straight forward message written within the character limit
  • Has a clear CTA
  • Free from spelling and grammar errors


A confusing ad image is one of the main reasons people will not click on your ad.
Here is what you might have done wrong:

  • Improper image size Make sure to follow what Facebook recommends as optimal image dimensions for all ad products.
  • Boring photo Make them notice your ad. You can make a split test on your ad to see which images work the best for your ad.
  • Low-quality photos Blurry, low-resolution images should not be used. Take your own photos or use free stock images. The options are endless.
  • Wrong color Make sure ad images correspond with your business brand and represent your company color scheme.

Your choice of images can actually make or break ad clicks.

TIP: Learn the secret to getting Facebook ads with images approved, search on the site.
What mistakes have you done in setting up Facebook ads?
Share them so we can learn from them too! Add them as comments below.