Branding Guidelines For Your Real Estate Facebook Page

Building your brand should be one of the greatest goals of your Facebook Page. In this blog post, I’ll give you 5 basic branding guidelines for your Facebook page.

These guidelines will help your Facebook Page attract fans and drive traffic to your site.


Set your Facebook Page easily using an Asset Toolkit! It is a set of files to help you update and populate your Facebook Page.

Create a separate file folder in your hard drive or cloud storage for all files related to branding as you shall be using them consistently.

Your asset toolkit should contain more or less the following:

  • Messaging for the About Section

Make sure the following properly filled out:

– Business Name
Business Hours
Company Mission Statement
Email Address

Additional Action items:

– Create 3 Taglines for your company
Create a short description that is a brief summary of your business. The character limit is 155.
Create a long description that includes keywords for your business along with the services you offer such as real estate listings, brokerage services, real estate investing, etc.

  • Timeline Cover Images
  • Profile Image
  • Facebook App Images


Your profile image is the first thing your fans will remember, aside from the company name in all areas of Facebook including chat boxes, embedded Facebook badges sidebars, and news feed. This is how your company is being branded.

How to select the best profile photo?

Due its small dimensions: 160 x 160 pixels, you should select an image that best utilizes the space available. Commonly, it could be either your company logo or your own professionally-taken photo.

Page profile pictures are square and display at 160 x 160 pixels on your Page.
The image file you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

Make sure your profile photo stands out in the news feed by adding a colored square around your photo or including your business name along with a headshot image.


The cover photo is a large, rectangular image found at the top of your page. Due to its prominence, it is important to give your audience a cover photo with a lasting impression.

What does it take to have a great cover photo?
  • Use a Call to Action
  • Showcase Rooms from Your Listings
  • Share Your Charitable Causes
How do you optimize your cover photo?

On the image description, include a Call to Action and link to your website. This will help drive more traffic to your website and/or social sites.

Remember that Facebook favors cover images with less text, so make use of the image description and comment field accordingly.

Include your CTA as part of the cover photo design.

Cover Photo specs:

Cover photos should be:

  • clear
  • high resolution image file
  • 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall

Note: If you upload images less than these dimensions, it will be stretched to fit the container.


A customized URL, also called a vanity URL is another feature you can customize for branding. It should be the same as your Facebook page name.

For example, the name of Facebook page is

To create your own vanity URL:

Admin Panel > Settings > Page Info > Edit Facebook Web Address


You can create Facebook App thumbnails to connect all your branding elements together.

Thumbnail image sizes are 111 x 74 pixels.

For all these graphic requirements, you can ask your designer to do it for you or you can do it yourself using FREE tools like PicMonkey or Canva.

12 Facebook Facts Figures For Your Real Estate Business

  1. Statistics show that Facebook has 1.2+ billion users (as of February 2014)
  2. There are 751 Million Mobile Users on Facebook
  3. The average Facebook user checks their account five times a day, and typically spends 20 mins a day on Facebook.
  4. 50% of people trust a company’s Facebook page more than their website.
  5. 70% of Facebook users engage with businesses on Facebook.
  6. Facebook users have pressed the “Like” button more than 4.2 billion times.
  7. Facebook users post 30 billion pieces of content every month.
  8. More than 7.5 Million users have promoted a post
  9. 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process.
  10. Consumers who engage with a company via Facebook spend 30% more compared to a customer who does not.
  11. 43% of Americans say that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing behavior than any other social network.
  12. Because of its massive user base, you can find your target audience on Facebook. And, 67% of B2C marketers have generated leads via Facebook.

Based on this data, we can conclude that:

  • Facebook is the largest social network on the planet.
  • People are engaged on Facebook.
  • Your leads are on Facebook.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get more leads for your real estate business now by using Facebook!
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If you have any questions, I’d love to help you answer them. Just leave a comment below.