Day Parting Facebook Ads: How Does It Work?

Day Parting? What does that even mean?!

Facebook is constantly improving the ads platform and the latest feature allows you to run ads at specific times during a campaign. Facebook is calling this new feature Day Parting.
Advertisers can divide a day into hourly sections and use the platform to turn ads off and on automatically throughout specified recurring times in a week.

This is way for you to take a more granular approach to campaigns and helps you run ads during the hours your audience is most likely to see them.

How can this help?

Well, for example youll want to turn the ads off during the times less profitable and just focus budgets on the hours of the week the show the most engagement. If used correctly Day Parting can save you on costs and increase your conversions.
A win for everyone!
Facebook Day Parting
Before Day-Parting, advertisers could only launch campaigns at the stroke of midnight, which does not make sense for all ad campaigns, especially since that is when most of your audience are asleep.
Although, it is useful for international campaigns, because ads running at midnight in the US means ads are running in various hours of the day in other countries.

What beta testers say:

Since this feature is new and is not yet fully-rolled out, we searched for feedback from testers who have tried this feature and the effects on campaigns. This is what we discovered:

  • Some users thought the feature wasnt yet available on their Power Editor. Turns out you may need to change the language settings to English (US) to enable the feature.
  • The biggest drawback is Day Parting forces you to switch from a Daily to Lifetime Budget.
  • But, if you knew your audiences very well, including their buying patterns, you can have as much as 10-20% increase in conversion rates this way.
  • Day Parting can be a risky option, but very powerful. This is more for seasoned advertisers, and can backfire for advertisers who do not know how to target well. Testing times will be important.
  • Insights reports will normally show how ads have improved after Day Parting has deployed. However, you still wont see how which hours of the day the ads are most effective, for now anyways.


1. Open the Power Editor.
2. Navigate to any of your ad Ad Set.
If you dont have any ads or campaigns yet, then make a new one.
3. Below the bidding options, scroll down to Ad Scheduling. If the option is grayed out, you’ll need to switch your budget from Daily to Lifetime (more on this below).
Facebook-Ads4. The scheduling grid will then be visible. All you need to do is to click and drag to highlight the hours of the week in which you would like your ads to run.
Looks pretty easy and I cant wait to test it out!