How To Change Gmail Language From Default To Yours (Set Gmail in a Different Language)

Want to see Gmail in a Different Language?

Gmail offers many languages to choose from, if you are not so good in English or you want to change Arabic / German to English, you can read your mail, chats, and Gmail information in the language of your choice. There are a couple of ways to make sure you get the correct Gmail language.

Before you Login

You can change your Gmail language before you login. Go to and at the bottom right hand side of the page, there is a drop menu with a long list of languages to choose from. Click on one and you will see the screen change!

Already Logged in

If you are already logged, you can click the circle on the upper right hand side above your mailbox and then click settings. After clicking settings, you will see the language drop down box at the top. Click on the box and choose your language.

After you choose your language, scroll to the bottom and click save.

After you do this, Gmail will then ask you if you would like to make this language for other Google sites that you use. When you choose to do this even anything sent to your phone from Gmail will be in that language as well.