How To Keep Gmail Account Secured And Prevent It From Being Hacked!

Keep your account secured and prevent it from being hacked!

There are many common mistakes people make when setting up an email account. Most people have someones email they would love to have access to or has someone out there that would love to have access to their email. I am going to give a few pointers on how to keep those nosy people out!


Do you use the same password for everything? Even though it is easier to do so, it is not very smart. Just in case if someone has your password for something else, then that means they can log into your email account anytime. Well not only that, they can log into anything you use.

The importance of password recovery options

I must say Gmail has done pretty well with this. I wish all the other email providers would par up to them on this issue. See most places have you answer a few security questions or send the link off to another email address. If you know this person then this makes it easy. Yahoo asks for a birth date and security questions. And if you get one question wrong, they just move on to some backup questions. So really you are getting more chances on finding the right answers.

For Gmail since you don’t have to use security questions then don’t. Choose the option to send the information through a text. Don’t send the information to another email either. It’ll be easier for a person to answer your security questions through another email and then have access to both accounts. Then before you know it they see you have a Best Buy account and ask for a password recovery there in which accounts like that don’t send you reset links, they just send you the password! And if you are the type to use the same password for everything well then you’re done, because now they will just change your password back to the original password Best Buy gave them and forever be in stealth mode.

If you have to give a security question answer Then type the answer backwards? They give you the option to type in your own question. Try “what am I?” answer your name. Get it?

Lets change your password recovery settings

I am going to demonstrate a brand new account that didn’t put a phone number or give an additional email address when signing up.

Login to your account

Press the pretty icon picture you set for yourself ( if any ) and then press the Account blue link.

On the left hand side press the Security tab.

Gmail Security 2

 There are two things I want you to notice. The Account Recovery Options and 2 Step verification. After you checkout the Account Recovery Options go back to do the 2 Step verification. The 2 Steps entail only retrieving your password through a phone either by call or text. You can choose to just use this option if you’d like, but its good to see the other options as well. Okay so press Account Recovery Options. They will ask you to retype your password. Its okay, go ahead.

Okay now you see all the options to put in information. I strongly recommend putting in your phone number so they can send you a text. You can also put in an email address if no one has this address. When you are done entering in information just press save. Then you can press cancel to get out of this part of the screen.

Okay you are done for now! You can always do more research on password security. Please do.