How to Obtain Gmail Contacts for Chat

Gmail Chat

Gmail chat gives you the ability to do many things! You can chat, make phone calls, and SMS a person. I will explain how to take advantage of all these features.

How to Obtain Gmail Contacts for Chat

On the lower left hand side you see the chat area. Below this area shows a symbol for a chat box and next to that shows three dots. Click on the three dots. Then it should say Invite a Friend. You can type in a person email address to invite to chat with you. After they accept, you will see them in your chat list and be able to chat with them anytime (well if they want you to).

Chat Settings

There are many different features you can change in chat settings. To change your chat settings, make sure you can see the chat area as it was before. You can click on the chat symbol below where the three dot symbol was previously mentioned. Then you would click on the the arrow next to where your picture should be. Once you click on that you will see the last option says chat settings. Go through these settings to make sure everything is the way you would like it. Also, this is where you would verify yourself for video chat. Make sure at the end of all this you click save changes at the button.

Chat Status

Once you obtain contacts, you may not want to always be available for chat. So click on the arrow next to where the picture should be for chat and click the status you would like to have. You can also make a custom message for available and for busy. If you have Gmail linked to your phone, you will have a lot more contacts that can be automatically set up.

Start a Hangout

 In the chat area you see the two button above. One button has a phone symbol and the other a video camera symbol. The video camera symbol is to start a hangout. Once you click on hangout another screen pops up and you can choose to name the hangout and add people for a video/call chat. Every time you chat with someone you will always see the feature to be able to do this.

Make a Phone Call/SMS

Yes you can call someone through Gmail! Well, if you have an American Gmail account and you happen to be staying in another country, it might cost you in which you will be able to add credits to your account for this. One way to make a phone call is you can click on the contact on your list and then a box will pop up with their information. In the box you will see the option to press call this person or send a sms. If their information isn’t stored in your contacts then this may not work. An easier way is to just type in the phone number in the search bar in the chat area. When you type it in you will see the option to call or send sms.