How To Put Your Real Estate Facebook Page On Auto Pilot

Updating your Real Estate Facebook Page on a regular basis is key to increasing audience engagement and awareness about your business.

When it comes to posting there are two schools of thought: Strategically post on your Facebook page 3-5 times a day, or post randomly whenever you have the time to login to Facebook.

Although, did you know there is a way to systematize and optimize your Facebook posts without spending a whole day on Facebook? This way you can spend more time on building your business and closing deals.

Before you start to schedule posts, it is important to be aware of optimal publishing times to ensure your fans are seeing content.


There are two ways to automate posts on Facebook:

  1. You can use Facebooks pre-scheduling feature or
  2. You can use 3rd party apps.
The Facebook Scheduling Tool

Facebooks pre-scheduling tool allows you to set posts to publish at a later date and time. The tool corresponds to your default timezone, so it looks as if you posted manually. You can post as often as you need for a given period of time, for example a week in advance to a month!

While you can pre-schedule most post types, not everything can be scheduled. You can only schedule status posts, videos and photos. You wont be able to batch schedule photo albums, Facebook events, questions, offers and milestones.

Here is how to use Facebook scheduler:

  1. Choose the type of post you want to create (ex: Status,Photo/Video) at the top of your Pages Timeline
  2. Type in your content or post update. Dont forget your links or call to action!
  3. Click the Schedule icon at bottom left
  4. Choose the date and time you want the post to appear
  5. Click Schedule

If you need to go back and edit your queued posts: On the Admin toolbar, click the “Activity” tab and then select Scheduled Posts on the left sidebar. Here youll see a list of all your upcoming posts and can edit the date, time and content of any post.

Third Party Scheduling Apps

If you want something more robust than the internal Facebook tool, apps such as Hootsuite, Post Planner and BufferApp are designed to help page admins with scheduling and managing social media posts.

Other benefits of 3rd party apps:

  • You can schedule updates on other social media sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook
  • You can schedule bulk posts by just utilizing a .csv file.

Managing your Facebook page is not time-consuming if you just put it on auto-pilot!

If you have any questions about scheduling your posts on Facebook, I’d love to help you. Just leave a comment below.