How To Set Facebook Local Awareness Ads – You Only Need 4 Steps

Facebook Ads are getting smarter! Now you can really zero in and target audiences based on specific locations using a new type of call-to-action ad prompting user to click: “Get Directions.”
These Facebook local awareness ads aim to help businesses to reach their customers who happen to be geographically nearby.

If you live in the US you may see this feature already in your Ads Manager or Power Editor, but it wont be available internationally for a few months.


When you go to set up a new ad you’ll see Facebook has listed a new advertising objective, called Local Awareness. In the Ads Manager tool, brands are allowed to target two sets of audiences: the people who live near your physical business; as well as the people who recently visited the area you selected. Pretty cool!


Creating a local awareness ad is pretty simple:

  • Click the Create Ads button and select “Local Awareness”
  • Select the Page you want to promote.

Step 1: Determine Audience

Next, type in the business local address if you havent done so in the Pages description. Select the area radius around the address that you want your ads to reach. For example, you can go as small as 1 mile around your business or as wide as 50. A map will appear to show you the potential area to be covered by your ad. Facebook then uses this information to pull in an audience based on geography.
You can also fine-tune targeting by selecting the age group and gender of your audience as seen in the example below:
FACEBOOK business local address
Facebook Ads Local

Step 2: Budget

From there, set the budget and duration for your ad. Based on these settings, the system will show you the number of people you can expect to reach daily as your ads run. The ads will stop running after your budget has been hit.

set the budgetFacebook Ads Local Awareness

Step 3: Images

The next step, as in any other traditional Facebook ad creation is to upload an image file and some text copy with a call to action for your ad. Consider selecting a great photo of your product or happy customers using your service. If you dont have access to good photos, you can pick from millions of free stock images included in Facebook by clicking “Find Images.”
Select your call-to-action: “Get Directions” or “Like Page”. The “Get Directions” CTA will guide your audience directly to your location using their smartphones navigation system.

Step 4: Text and Links

Make your ad irresistible! Promote any special offers, open-house events, sales or you can even feature your top products. As you type in your text, a preview will show so you can see how your add will look to your audience.
Note: The placement of your ad will default to “Desktop News feed”
FACEBOOK business local address


Although these ads seem to have a lot of potential, they wont reach everyone. The new local ads are only shown to users who use Facebook to check-in or tag your location. This is the only way Facebook knows to show your ads to them. If they dont, then Facebook has no information about their location so you may not get a huge sample of people to run the ad to.
But, Im sure in the near future Facebook will make improvements on this area so stay tuned and check back to see if there are any announcements!