How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Clients

Facebook advertising is one of the most easy-to-use digital ad platforms available to businesses today. With a little review and practice, even you, a real estate pro, can drive steady leads to your Page, App or website.
But, before diving into a Facebook ad campaign I highly recommend you take some time to think of the specific goals you want the campaign to achieve.
Youll want to decide whether you want people to “like” your brand (to grow your fan base), install an App (to use your product or service) or go directly to a website (to take another action such as filling out a lead form, or purchasing). In order to help you identify the best type of Facebook ad campaign to set up, you should:


Who are the ideal people youd like to reach? Those who would most likely click your ad and especially those who would most likely act on your call to action are the ones you want to target. What are their interests and demographics?


What will be your ad content? Do you have the right text and images to attract your target audience? Images need to be visually appealing while the text needs to attract an action.


If you are sending leads to your custom Facebook Tab or website landing page, what should it say for people to give you their contact information?


Aside from determining a budget, you have to be able to come up with a certain benchmark number that will make you say that youve had a return on investment (ROI) for your time with the ads youve set up.


A Facebook Ad is an online paid advertisement that can be seen in one of three places:

  • Right Hand Column on Desktop Computers
  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed

A published Facebook Ad usually consists of 4 parts:

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Media: Image, or Video,
  • Link to landing page: Page, Post, Website or Events

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads for Your Real Estate Business?

  • To sell more houses
  • To get more listings
  • To create a loyal fan base

If you are a real estate professional that keenly wants to target real people such as your friends and people who live, work or interested in your city, then Facebook Ads are for you! Lets get started.

How to find and use the facebook ads manager

1. You will need to use your personal profile to access facebook ads. from the left sidebar of your facebook home page, click ads manager. on the ads manager page, click the big green create ad button.Facebook-Ads-1

2. Choose your facebook objective. what do you want people to do?facebook-ads-2

3. Target the right audience. you cannot target well on fafcebook if you havent identified yet who your target market is. make sure to have a detailed description of buyer and audience demographics: gender, age, country/ city, language, and devices. this way, you can optimize your budget spend to the audience that matters most to you.facebook-ads-3

4. You must know ad types that will help get the clients you want. below is a list of all the different kids of ads you could run via facebook:


A sponsored post thats used if you want people to see your announcement, promo or story more prominently on the News Feed. You can increase likes, engagement or clicks to your link with this kind of ad. You can upload a photo or video to make your post more interesting.


This kinds of ad is commonly used to increase awareness of your brand page by encouraging fans to “like” and follow your Page. This a good choice if your page is new or you want to boost the number of your fan base.


This is an ideal choice if you want to drive your fans off Facebook to your website for lead capturing.


Sponsored Events is another type of ad that will drive ideal people to attend your Open Houses, webinars or consultations.

More Facebook Ads Tips: How to name your campaign, set your budget and place your ad

  1. Facebook will choose a default name for your campaign. Click on Change Campaign to edit.
  2. Choose a name for your Ad Set
  3. Choose a budget – you can choose as low as $1 a day – that’s only $30 a month to get in front of more fans and generate leads!
  4. Bidding – Facebook will offer a default bidding option based on the type of ad you are running.
  5. Review Your Order
  6. Click on the green PLACE ORDER button!


First and foremost, quality ad content is still paramount to any marketing campaign. Remember, you want to spark curiosity and avoid hard-selling. People hate seeing spammy, sales-looking ads. Be creative! You can use humor, amusing or inspirational stories, current events or interesting information to get your message across without pushing people to set an appointment with you.
Also, give clear CTAs. People are busy, so get straight to the point. Let people know what you really want them to do: Click the link, like your post or fill out a lead capture form. Write quality ad content that speaks directly to your audiences.
Finally, be sure to offer something of value.The best way to get the qualified leads you want is to offer them a proposition that is of value to your audience, combining with brand message and value.
There is a lot to take in and learn when it comes to Facebook Ads, but you can do it! If youre still stuck, check out this post I wrote that includes a 5-step guide to Facebook Ads.