Obiee Installation Common Fact

Oracle has integrated OBIEE with Weblogic for the OBIEE 11g version (11.1.1.x), And there re distinguish  changes comparing to the previous version. Installation has become more complex with this version and here s some common fact that you should pay attention to.

RCU has become mandatory 

RCU is used to create common metadata for Oracle fusion middle ware, Since OBIEE is part of the fusion middle ware family. It is mandatory to create metadata for OBIEE before the installation of the real product.  RCU is in a separate downloadable file.

No need for Microsoft Loopback adapter

I saw  a few articles in the internet that mention about having to  install the Microsoft loopback adapter before install and configing OBIEE, But It does not make any sense to me. So I decide to install it without the loopback adapter and everything is just fine!

Install OBIEE with a DHCP IP address

Usually our laptop get the IP from a DHCP server, So we should fill in the domain name for  input field that require the input of  hosts prompt, this might include

  • listener address for the DB in the laptop
  • DB connect string(hosts:port:servicename) during the installation process of OBIEE

Change  the IP address in the hosts file everytime when you get a new IP address.

The hosts file

There re a lot confuse with the hosts file for OBIEE installation and here s what I used for the installation, It is simple and clear actually.

Every time you re provided with a new IP, just edit the above hosts file to reveal the change with the last line before  starting the OBIEE process.

Virtual BOX and other VM software might cause strange problem

The first time I install OBIEE, I install it in a windows 7 machine with virtual box installed, So there re multiple network adapter(virutal box add network adapters to the laptop), and the OBIEE  installation process just hang with the configuration step and no useful log is generated; So I turn to another windows 7 machine without virtual box and everything works just smoothly.

When you pay attention to the above common fact, OBIEE installation should be easy and require minimum intervention. And if you have problems, just check with the above facts to make sure you did not miss anything!