Obiee BI Presentation Service

Both BI Server and the data model of Oracle business intelligence is invisible to end user, All the visible components to end user is defined in the presentation layer of OBIEE.

BI Presentation Service is an add-on to the web server that accept request from end user. If you re familiar with Siebel CRM, you will notice that BI Presentation Service is very similar with Siebel SWSE.

What does the presentation service do?

Presentation service focus on BI user interaction and UI design while BI Server repository focus on data model design.

Presentation Service + BI Server = UI format + Data

This architecture of OBIEE also apply the popular design that separate UI design from the actual data generation rules.

While data model is store in a file called repository definition file (rpd), the UI design of the BI is also stored in a file called presentation catalog which provide forms, fonts, colors template and other format for the data

Presentation Service OBIEEs Web Client

  1. OBIEE Client the word client is actually misleading , because we re not talking about traditional client that need to be installed into our laptop, It is just some web applications running on the web server(presentation service) of OBIEE that we could access through our web browser.
  2. Oracle BI interactive dashboards the web home page for every BI user, It could be configured with the most interesting graph and data cared most of the user. Each user and user role could define their own unique dashboard with information only related with their job role.
  3. Oracle BI Answers BI Answers is probably the most important component for BI report developer, It is where you could develop datagrid and pie chart and drill-downable report using a style of drap and drop .
  4. Oracle BI Delivers the alert mechanism of OBIEE that could send out alert to subscribed user based on BI result.