Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Key Terms With Traditional It Vocabulary

ODI has introduced a set of terms that ‘s confusing and uneasy to remember.  I want to put in one article for all of the newly terms introduced in ODI and how we interpret it using more traditional IT vocabulary .

Here ‘s what the ODI terms related with Oracle database.

Oracle Database ODI
Schema Model
No counterpart in database, a categorization of the Model into smaller groups SubModel
Table; Column Datastore; Column
Not Null; Default value Not Null/Mandatory; Default value
Primary keys; Unique Keys Primary keys; Alternate keys
Indexes; Unique Indexes Not unique indexes; Alternate keys
Foreign Key Reference
Check constraint Condition

Here ‘s what the ODI terms related with traditional IT.

Traditional IT ODI
Just like the meaning of Java developer project. Project
The process of moving data from source to target database Interface
just a place holder for better organization of the project objects Folder
comment, like // in sql coding Marker
The rules of how to convert/combine data from source  to  data of the target Business Rules
A set of data coming from source data, We could use set operator like union or inetersect to combine sets of data into one target data Data Set

Here ‘s how we categorize  all the knowledge module .

Knowledge Abbreviation Description
LKM Loading Assembles data from source data to the Staging Area
IKM Integration Uses a given strategy to populate the target data from the Staging Area
CKM Check Checks data  for errors statically or during an integration process
RKM Reverse- engineering Retrieves the structure of a data model from a database.
JKM Journalizing Sets up a system for Changed Data Capture to reduce the amount of data that needs to be processed
SKM Data Services Deploys data services that provide access to data in datastores